You need to identify key technical leaders for your technology business.

We helped one of our clients identify the technical leaders that drove a key project forward to win new funding. Read more about our work with Faraday Grid.


Your resources are under pressure but you need to hit crucial project deadlines.

We swiftly staffed up a series of positions that helped our client to keep on track with some key projects. Read more about our work with Ecebs/Rambus.


You need to build a new design team.

We helped this international client to build a new design team in a competitive talent market. Read more about our work with indie Semiconductor.


You're looking for that elusive engineer.

Many of our clients have found that “available engineer” is a lot easier said than found and have struggled to find the elusive engineer. Well, we’re quite good at finding them, though they are often not where we expected! Read about our work with SKF Conditioning Monitoring.



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