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[Interview] Power Electronics - Chris French

[Interview] - Power Electronics - Chris French

This week we’re talking to one of our very own Power Engineering contractors, Chris French . Chris is currently contracting as a Power Controls Engineer for our client, Faraday Grid. With extensive ex... read more...

The trouble with working a 40-hour week

The trouble with the 40-hour week

This week, our blog comes from Tom Gold , a professional Life Coach who works with founders, CEO’s and entrepreneurs. In the past, Tom’s worked with incarcerated offenders, forensic psychiatric client... read more...

[Interview - Part 2] Systems Engineering - Tim Kerby

[Interview - Part 2] Systems Engineering - Tim Kerby

It’s often that we only see the surface of what Scotland’s technology industry has to offer. This is especially true of the Enabling Technology sector, which boasts 10% of Scotland’s exports. Shining ... read more...

[Interview - Part 3] Inspiring Future Engineers - Lauren Page

[Interview - Part 3] Inspiring Future Engineers - Lauren Page

In 2018, we partnered with the UK Electronics Skills Foundation , a charity that operates collaboratively with major companies, leading universities and other organisations to tackle the skills shorta... read more...

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