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up to £35,000


City of Edinburgh

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Matt Golebiewski

Device Engineer

Enigma People Solutions is looking for a Device Engineer to join the team of our multinational electronics client’s Imaging Division based in Edinburgh.

In this role the successful candidate will be responsible for the research and development of pixels 
for photonics devices. This role will bridge the gap between process development (diode design) and 
circuit design (pixel readout circuitry). The candidate should therefore have a knowledge of CMOS 
processing and fabrication in addition to circuit design. The aim of this role is to study the pixel 
operation in detail and understand the key factors which impact performance. This will include the 
operation of the diode plus the associated readout circuitry. Pixel design specification and 
performance will be evaluated against product and system requirements and it is the goal of the team 
to deliver pixels for inclusion in mass market products. In addition to this the pixel team develops and 
maintains test chips which are used for advanced pixel and diode R&D and this role will require the 
successful candidate to work on the design of such test chips as well as contributing to the 
development of advanced pixel and diode designs. This will therefore require close interaction with 
the design team and also the technology development team at our foundry. 
This role has unique challenges, such as merging design and simulation aspects with 
characterization to understand the effects of pixel design and technology on critical figures of merit.  
This challenging role will provide an opportunity to apply knowledge of process development and 
solid-state physics to device development taking into consideration product requirements and system 
constraints within the Photonics roadmap of the Imaging Division.
The Role 
You will be tasked with layout and simulation activities to help the SPAD Pixel Team to design new 
pixels, and you will be analysing electro-optical characterization data to feed back into the design and 
simulation.  Initially this involves familiarization with existing techniques, methods and databases.  
You will work in collaboration with local and other European sites, to develop and adopt standard 
methods and reporting formats. 
The Key Skills & Experience 
The candidate must be team focussed and highly motivated. This role requires an understanding of 
the full photonics system and therefore strong collaboration with colleagues locally and in the wider 
design/engineering community across the Imaging Division is a key factor for success. 
Strong communication skills are mandatory. 

To apply or for more information please contact Matt Golebiewski - matt@enigmapeople.com 0141 332 4422 or click the apply button below.

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