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Our Latest Vacancies Throughout Glasgow and the West

Enigma People Solutions is working on a variety of brilliant and interesting vacancies at the moment! All of these vacancies are situated in Glasgow and the West and range from Content Producer at an exciting digital practice at the forefront of their industry to Senior Software Engineer at a thriving international company. So, take a look below and find out if we have the perfect role for you …

icon-electronics Content Producer

We’re looking for a skilled and experienced content producer to join our client’s award-winning Glasgow-based digital practice. If you’re a fantastic copywriter who has a keen interest in all things digital then this could be the role for you. Take a look here to find out more.


icon-electronics Product Owner

This is a great opportunity to join a successful and established business as their Product Owner. Our Glasgow-based client is seeking an organised, articulate and talented Product Owner to lead the planning and development of their digital products. If you have experience successfully delivering and developing digital products, have a natural understanding of UX and a desire to drive the business, click above to find out the details.


icon-electronics Microsoft Stack Web Developer

Our client, one of Scotland’s largest and well-known digital agencies, is looking for a range of mid to senior level developers to join their rapidly expanding team. To be considered for this role, you will need to have experience of Microsoft .Net technology stack, a working knowledge/experience of developing web based solutions and an eagerness to learn and progress. Take a look at the full job ad to find out all the details.


icon-electronics Voice Application Developer

This is a rare and exciting opportunity to join an industry leading voice development team to deliver a range of innovative projects on platforms including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. Our client is a multi-award-winning digital practice, working with cutting edge technology and at the intersection of user-centric design. Click above to find out the full details.


icon-electronics Senior Software Engineer 

We’re currently looking for an experienced Software Engineer to join our client’s strongly established, thriving business. The successful candidate will assist and lead in the development of embedded and web enabled software for industrial applications. If you’re enthusiastic and motivated with an ability to work in a team environment whilst being comfortable managing solo projects, this could be the role for you. Take a look at the full details here.



 Enigma People is an award-winning technology recruitment consultancy. Visit our job search page for the latest vacancies in digital, electronics and software in Scotland. You can get in touch with us or call us on 0141 332 4422.

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Top 5 Questions to Ask at a Job Interview

Asking questions at the end of your interview is just as important as answering them. Quite often job seekers forget to ask questions or simply feel their questions have already been answered during the interview process, however not asking anything can make you seem uninterested in the role!

Below are 5 questions to ask your next interviewer to ensure you learn as much about the role, company and their expectations of you …

1. What was it specifically, that made you want to interview me today?

This is a great one to ask at the end of an interview. It reminds the interviewer why they selected you out of the hundreds of other applications they received. It also gives you the opportunity to build and expand upon their initial first impressions.

For instance, they might say that it was your broad range of experience that caught their eye. Giving you the opportunity to respond, by telling them that you have always felt that an ability to step outside your comfort zone in the pursuit of specific Business, career and learning goals, puts you at an advantage when working with uncertainty.

Or they may be impressed with your unique blend of subject matter expertise and practical skills. In which case you can reinforce their positive mental image by telling them of a time when you were able to put this subject matter expertise into action with practical, measurable results.

2. Is there anything that would prevent you from hiring me today?

This is your opportunity to respond to any doubts they have and put their mind at rest that you will be able to handle the role if you are given it.

If they look nervous, you can prompt them by asking “Such as gaps in expertise that I could fill?”

This gives you the opportunity to thank them for their thoughts, ask them if the organisation can support you to fill that gap, or if there are external resources they know of, that would enable you to follow up with self directed learning before the role is due to start.

3. Where do you see the company [department/ product] in 3, 6 and 12 months from today?

This is one of the most useful questions to ask, as it gives you a clear idea of the ambitions of the person hiring. It helps them to think very tangibly about what they are looking for, and it helps you to get inside their head!

From here you can make assumptions about what is already in place and begin to explore some of the steps you would need to take to realise those ambitions. So if the 12 month vision is to surpass the key competitor in that field, you can drill in with more detailed questions, ask your interviewers opinion, or demonstrate your knowledge of the competitors strengths and weaknesses.

The interview should feel like more of a discussion about what needs done, and how to do it. Even if you don’t get the role, this is invaluable market research showing you some of the key issues businesses in this sector are facing.

4. What would be the key deliverables in that time, and how would you measure the success of the role?

This follows on naturally from the question above. Now we are getting into what needs to be done and visualising the steps needed to do it.

Remember to show your passion. Compliment them for their ambition, and let them know that what they are saying is exciting to you.

Follow up with examples based on experience if you can. “In my last position I was required to deliver these exact things. Here are some of the things I learned from that experience…”

Draw on transferrable skills to demonstrate how you would get the job done, and don’t be afraid to simply imagine how you would meet those goals. “I had to deliver a similar [document] in my previous role, which had many of the same requirements. These are the things that I believe will transfer into well into this deliverable…”

Your interviewer is now visualising you in the role taking the necessary steps to deliver successful projects.

5. Are there other areas within this company, where you think I could bring some benefits?

If the interviewer does not already want to hire you, this is the perfect way to shift thinking back to your positive qualities.

Hopefully they will see, that even if you don’t come with the full package for the role, you would be a great employee. This means that they can either find a way to nurture you into the role, or find another role in the company that would suit you even better than the one you are interviewing for.

If they already have you tipped for the role, they will now be thinking of extra benefits you can bring to it… and perhaps even fast-track a promotion.

Treat everything as a learning opportunity.

Good Luck!



Author: Morna Simpson (Founder of Girl Geek Scotland), is Director of Enterprise Porridge as well as being a freelance business analyst consultant & corporate trainer. She has many years experience within the industry both in an academic capacity and through her work with various start-ups. You can find out about Girl Geek Scotland’s latest events here and follow them on Twitter for all of the latest news! @girlgeekscot

Enigma People is an award winning technology recruitment consultancy. Visit our job search page for the latest vacancies in digital, electronics and software in Scotland.

Follow us on Twitter,twitter  Linkedin LinkedInor Facebook  to keep up to date with our latest news and vacancies.

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Feature Friday – Website Migrations: Finding & Fixing SEO Issues Post-Launch

This week on Feature Friday, we’ve got a brilliant article to share with you – written by Emily McLaren, SEO Team Leader at Equator. A big numbers digital agency that’s been growing and developing since 1999, Equator are all about genuine insights and a deep understanding of consumers – that’s what makes them great at what they do! With this said, we’re excited to bring you Website Migrations: Finding & Fixing SEO Issues Post Launch. Emily takes us through the critical post-launch SEO work which can make or break your visibility in organic search. So, let’s find out what she has to say…

Website Migrations: Finding & Fixing SEO Issues Post-Launch


Around 90% of the search engine optimisation (SEO) work during a site migration takes place prior to launch. But the remaining 10% – post-launch – is critical. After all, it could take just one or two small missteps to potentially obliterate your digital footprint in organic search.

Thoroughly auditing a website post-launch allows you to catch and fix any of the SEO issues that may have slipped through the net – and ultimately protect your SERP real-estate.

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to:

For a full checklist of all the pre-migration, during-migration and post-migration SEO tasks as well as a list of some of the useful tools referenced within this guide, please download our site migration SEO checklist.

Auditing redirects

Immediately following the launch of a website, it’s essential to audit all website redirects to identify any instances of rogue 404s as well as redirect chains that may have occurred due to the migration.

Redirect chains can significantly affect page load speed and a high volume of 404s can impact search engine visibility. Addressing issues with redirects will not only give visitors a more consistent and high quality user experience – it can also have the potential to improve rankings.

Below are two of the most useful tools to use when auditing redirect chains – Screaming Frog and IIS SEO Toolkit. Screaming Frog is an SEO spider tool which can crawl websites and fetch key website data in real-time. And IIS SEO Toolkit is a free optimisation tool which performs a detailed analysis of your website and will provide suggested fixes for the specific migration issues we’ve identified.

Screaming Frog

To find redirect chains using Screaming Frog, follow the below steps:

1. Navigate to ‘configuration’ in the top navigation > select ‘spider’ > select ‘advanced’ tab > tick ‘always follow redirects’

2. Navigate to ‘mode’ > ‘list’ > select ‘upload’ and then either upload all legacy URLs from a file, enter them manually or paste all URLs > hit ‘start’ and run the crawl

3. Once it reaches 100%, navigate to ‘reports’ within the top navigation and select ‘redirect chains’ from the dropdown menu

Site Migration Blog 1

IIS SEO Toolkit

Redirect chains can be found in the following view within SEO Toolkit:

1. Select ‘create a new analysis’ > name the crawl & input the domain into the ‘start URL’

2. Within the ‘advanced settings’, customise the settings to suit your needs

3. Navigate to ‘violations’ > ‘violations summary’ and look out for “the redirection response results in another redirection” (as shown below) > double click to open the violation and find full details of the issue and recommended action

4. Alternatively, navigate to ‘report’ > ‘export all violations’ > open Excel spreadsheet > apply filter > filter column ‘violation code’ > filter to ‘RedirectToRedirect’ > find the full details of the issue and recommended action within the column ‘violation description’ and ‘violation recommendation’

Site Migration Blog 2


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Enigma People is an award-winning technology recruitment consultancy. Visit our job search page for the latest vacancies in digital, electronics and software in Scotland. You can get in touch with us or call us on 0141 332 4422.

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