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Guest Blog: A Graduated Journey

This week on the blog, we bring you a great guest blog written by none other than two of our brilliant team members; David Mains and Emily Field. Focussing on the topic of graduate recruitment, we find out Emily’s top advice for recent graduates from how to make your CV stand out to how to handle your social media profiles. Take a look below and start preparing yourself for your job search…

Over the years we’ve had great success at Enigma helping clients find graduates that fitted their culture; who had the right skills to grow and develop into important members of their team. To do that, we spend time talking to and helping to advise graduates on how to present themselves, their experience, their knowledge and their skills. It’s a rewarding process for everyone concerned. We’ve also had great success in recruiting graduates into our own team and our latest addition to the team, Emily Field, is keen to pass on what she has learned. Who better to help and advise graduates than a recent graduate who has been through the process many times with a number of different clients?

Thanks, David! Graduating from further education can be a really exciting time for people, especially if you have a graduate role lined up waiting for you (yep, those are the lucky ones that we all envy!). However, if you’ve just graduated and don’t have a role to step into, then it can feel a bit different. There’s that mixture of relief that your years of study are behind you (for the time being), an excitement for the future and what’s to come, and then the slow realisation that you now have to go out and find yourself a career. Even though that mixture of emotions and thoughts might feel quite daunting, if you take a look below and follow our recommendations, you’ll soon feel at ease when you realise you’re on the right track to finding the perfect graduate role for you. So, let’s get started:

First thing’s first, how’s your CV looking?

  • To make it as easy as possible for recruiters and potential employers to understand where your skills lie, try and group your related skills together and then give examples of experience you have had of using these skills.
  • Include a personal profile to highlight why you’re suited for the role in terms of personality, skills and experience and how and why you will succeed in that environment.
  • All skills, knowledge and experience included with your CV should be used as evidence to support your application and should be relevant to the role.
  • Remeber, if the job specifies you will be working with certain software or methodologies (for example; JS, Angular, Scrum or Agile) and you have these skills – make sure you’re highlighting this in your CV and giving some information about your experience using the software or methodologies. This will make your CV stand out.
  • Software Developers: If you’ve worked on any apps or have published apps, please include these as they will be key to your application and help highlight your skills.
  • Even though it can become frustrating when applying for roles, please only apply for roles that suit your skills and that you’re actually interested in. Otherwise, it becomes a waste of time both for you, and the recruiter/business you’re applying to.
  • Taking the time out to tailor your CV to each role you apply for can really make a difference to your chances of moving forward in the process. *Tip* Save different versions of your CV so that you can alter them for different roles. i.e one for a marketing role, one for a communications role and one for branding.
  • PROOFREAD & proofread again. Common sense right? Maybe not. Grammar, spelling and the dreaded “copy and paste” mistakes are something we still see more frequently than we would like. Before you click “send”, take a look at your submission that one last time.

And what about that cover letter?

Cover letters are your chance to shine. Use them as an opportunity to get really specific about why you’re applying i) for that role ii) to that specific company and iii) how your skills, knowledge and experience match up. It’s also a good idea to include any details which would make you stand out; do you have specific experience with a particular software that’s key to the role? Or maybe you created an app to solve a problem? Talk about this in your cover letter and always ask the question “is this relevant information to the role I’m applying for.”

You’re on Social Media, right?

When it comes to social media and job hunting, a great place to start is, of course, LinkedIn. Setting up a profile, adding your education, (relevant) work experience, key skills or uploading your CV will stand you in good stead. Being active on LinkedIn, whether that be through sharing articles, writing your own, engaging with others or joining groups is something we would recommend as it allows you to build up a network of like-minded people. This, in turn, means your positioning yourself in a place where opportunities are more likely to come along, as well as useful information and news about your chosen sector. Recruiters use Linkedin to search for the best candidates for their roles and if your profile is up-to-date, there’s a good chance they’ll be in touch to talk to you about the roles they have which suit you.

Outwith the “business” type social media platforms such as LinkedIn, on your personal social media profiles, it’s always a good idea to either make your profile private or moderate what you’re putting out there. It’s not uncommon for social media to change a hiring managers opinion of a candidate, especially if you’re posting offensive content or coming across negatively. Think before you post!

Considered working with a recruitment agency?

Naturally, you would expect me to say this as a graduate recruitment consultant but I say this not for the reasons you might think. I talked with recruitment agencies when I graduated university and, if you find the right one, then it can really boost your chances of finding the role that’s right for you, plus they are really good at giving career advice (check out our blogs here). We’re here to help understand your skills and experience and make sure that not only do your skills fit the role but that your personality and attitude fits in with the company culture of your potential employer. We’re looking to match companies with candidates – a match that will benefit both the business and the candidate in the long term, not just a quick fix. And remember, if you have any questions then don’t be afraid to give us a call or an email and we’ll chat things through with you – it’s as simple as that!


So, there you have it – everything we think you should know as a graduate looking to step onto the career ladder. If you’re currently looking for a role but struggling to find something that really suits you, you can contact me or get in touch directly at 0141 332 4422.

 Enigma People is an award-winning technology recruitment consultancy. Visit our job search page for the latest vacancies in digital, electronics and software in Scotland. Check out our blog for the latest in the technology industry. You can get in touch with us or call us on 0141 332 4422.

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Looking Back Before Moving Forward: My Career Journey

It’s something that happens every day across the world. It’s certainly something we see on a daily basis here at Enigma People. One person bows out and moves on, and another steps in to continue and develop the role that has been left for them. The length of time businesses can expect to retain their employees has changed considerably over the last few decades and a fluidity within the job market is almost expected in certain sectors.

Are you wondering why I’m talking about this yet, or have you guessed it?

Yes, my time has come with Enigma People Solutions and it’s now my turn to bow out and move onto another role and continue to further my knowledge and experience within marketing.

Throughout the 11 months I’ve been with Enigma People, I’ve worked on many exciting projects and have had various opportunities to learn, develop and hone my skills. This is something which I have always been very appreciative of since joining Enigma People, especially considering the fact that around 18 months ago I had only just graduated from University!

Coming from a fashion-marketing background with a little freelance social media experience – joining Enigma People Solutions and the niche technology recruitment sector – was definitely a different experience than anything I had been used to. However, this was exactly what I was looking for. The role was wide, something which suited me perfectly and being the only marketer within the business was, of course, a little daunting, but exciting at the same time. I had been given an opportunity to take this role and run with it, and that, I feel, is exactly what I did.

From bringing on new partnerships to developing our marketing strategy and even taking the lead on our website redevelopment; I was free to explore marketing and really understand where my strengths were and in which areas I needed to pay more attention. By dedicating a single hour every couple of days across the week – I enabled self-learning to become a task I looked forward to, instead of it being a challenge – and actually managed to complete Google’s Digital Garage certification, an SEO course and an advanced Google Analytics course along with understanding various software programmes I hadn’t encountered in my previous roles.

Reading this, it might sound like my time at Enigma People was all “work, work, work” and, don’t get me wrong, it was! But for a lot of the time, it didn’t feel that way; it felt comfortable, interesting and fun. Amongst the blog writing and host of other day-to-day tasks, I was lucky enough to represent Enigma People at the DIBI conference, be part of The Herald Scottish Digital Business Awards, attend Venturefest 2017 and meet some of the great partners we have been working with. To add to this, we were Highly Commended at the Recruitment Business Awards and are finalists at the Marketing & Digital Recruitment Awards in our category, Best Regional Agency, so wish us luck!


With so many great things that have happened in my time at Enigma People Solutions and so many more to come, I would like to say thank you to both directors, Ben Hanley and David Mains for giving me an opportunity to flourish, to really put my skills and knowledge to the test and to take control of my career path. Also, a big shout out to the team – who have been extremely welcoming, helpful and generally just lovely!

All that’s left for me to say is best of luck to Enigma People Solutions and I look forward to seeing what they can achieve in 2018 and once more, thank you.

 Enigma People is an award-winning technology recruitment consultancy. Visit our job search page for the latest vacancies in digital, electronics and software in Scotland. Check out our blog for the latest in the technology industry. You can get in touch with us or call us on 0141 332 4422.

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Our Latest Vacancies Throughout the UK (03/11/17)

Enigma People Solutions is working on a variety of brilliant and interesting vacancies at the moment! These vacancies are situated throughout the UK and range from a Semiconductor Test Engineer with our brilliant clients based in Bristol to a Front End Developer an award-winning eCommerce platform provider based in Glasgow. Take a look below and find out if we have the role for you…


icon-electronics Hardware Team Leader

We have an immediate vacancy for a Hardware Team Lead engineer, for an outstanding Edinburgh-based electronics client working at the forefront of their field in the development of new and innovative technology. We are seeking an experienced product development engineer to work within the Hardware development team as a leader.  You should have experience of working in data communications systems from the telecommunications market in either FMCG or the industrial marketplace. Sounds interesting? Click above for full details and to apply.


icon-electronics Front End Developer

Enigma People Solutions are recruiting a Front End Developer for an award-winning eCommerce platform provider who provides software and services that are used by fashion/apparel retailers. Our client works with large global clients, using the pick of modern technologies. As a Front End Developer, your main responsibility will be the production, modification and maintenance of websites UI. If this sounds like it could the role for you, click the link above to find out the full details.


icon-electronics Semiconductor Test Engineer
We’re looking for a Semiconductor Test Engineer to join our client based in the heart of Bristol. This is your opportunity to join a business that is led by experienced business executives with a vision to build technology that is genuinely useful, solves real problems and that makes a positive economic and social impact. Our client supports innovators to help create new breakthroughs by creating available, accessible and easily modifiable technology. The main focus of this role includes but is not limited to the setup, debug and optimisation of automatic semiconductor test equipment systems. Find out more by clicking the link above.


icon-electronics Senior iOS Developer

We’re looking for passionate Senior iOS Software Engineers with demonstrable experience in developing quality high performing mobile applications, utilising agile methodologies, latest techniques and best practices. Our client is an award-winning mobile app and digital solutions agency based in Edinburgh city centre. With a team of 30+ mobile specialists, developing native and Xamarin based mobile products along with web-based backend systems for enterprise clients internationally. You should be confident in leading and promoting good software development practices within cross-functional delivery teams. Click the link above to find out the full details.


icon-electronics Product Engineer – CMOS semiconductor manufacturing

Enigma People Solutions is recruiting a Product Engineer to join our client based in the heart of Bristol. You will be joining a company that believes creativity and innovation come from a combination of hard work and collaborating with a diverse group of smart people who challenge each other and who are allowed to be themselves. The main focus of this role includes but is not limited to: the setup, management and maintenance of product manufacturing processes that contribute to order fulfilment and outgoing quality. Click above to find out all the details and how to apply.


icon-electronics Applications Engineer

Enigma People Solutions is now recruiting for an Applications Engineer. On offer is a chance to be part of a dynamic and diverse team working at the forefront of Time of Flight ranging solutions. The position is an exciting opportunity to be part of a dynamic team working with leading-edge technology in the growing image sensor market. The role is within the Application Development & Support team, forming part of the Imaging R&D team in Edinburgh which includes all disciplines required in the design and support of full custom image and photonic sensor systems. In addition to the challenges of supporting complex imaging products, application engineers are exposed to many disciplines within the product cycle development. Find out more by clicking above.

icon-electronics Systems Engineer

Enigma People Solutions is seeking an electronic engineering professional to join our client’s expanding systems engineering team in Edinburgh. The client is recognised worldwide as providing state-of-the-art motor control integrated circuits for automotive, industrial, commercial and computing applications. The successful candidate will become part of the product development team to support on-going developments in and expansion of this product family and will help develop next-generation integrated circuit motor control products particularly for the automotive market. Sounds interesting? Click the link above to find out the full details.


icon-electronics Mechanical Engineer (contract)

Enigma People Solutions has a new contract position with our client who is a world leading IST Imaging company.
This position is for a Mechanical/Mechatronics Engineer to work as part of the overall Hardware Engineering team to design, develop and document precision mechanical parts and systems as well as interfacing with suppliers and subcontractors. These designs need to take into consideration the integration of the optical requirements and the usage environment i.e if it’s for development, manufacturing or demonstration purposes. Click the link above for full details.

 Enigma People is an award-winning technology recruitment consultancy. Visit our job search page for the latest vacancies in digital, electronics and software in Scotland. Check out our blog for the latest in the technology industry. You can get in touch with us or call us on 0141 332 4422.

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