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Contracting – Getting the Wheels Rolling

It’s the day of your interview, you’re nervous but excited. You are going to sell yourself in the best possible way so you can land that potential dream job. You get to your interview and the interviewer shows little to no interest in your experience, or who you are as a person. Your time feels wasted.

My interview with Enigma People Solutions was the complete opposite, it was a much more engaging experience. There were still the expected interview nerves but having had a positive telephone call with Ben Hanley as my initial contact with the company, I was definitely excited to attend this particular interview. When I arrived, I did not feel intimidated by the team as they interviewed me and instead I was warmly welcomed and I felt genuinely listened to as I spoke about my skills and experience.

As you may have guessed by now my interview was successful, my new role here at Enigma People Solutions is to facilitate the management, coordination and growth of Enigma People’s contract recruitment function. My job is to market and promote our contract recruitment services to prospect clients but also to promote and develop our market reach to prospect contractors to find the right engagement, in order to create an optimal fit for both clients and contractors.

Having previously worked in Marketing for a rural-skills college for students with learning disabilities and/or autism, joining Enigma People Solutions and their niche technology recruitment sector has definitely been a new experience for me. However, I’m really enjoying learning about technology, the recruitment industry and how we can use marketing to further our organisational goals.

Why mix marketing and recruitment? I hear you ask. In the past, recruiters have primarily used job boards or posted announcements in job sections of newspapers, for example, in order to promote new positions. However, I believe the future of the recruitment industry is evolving. Today, recruiters and employers are increasingly using marketing techniques in order to attract quality talent. Scarcity of talent means recruiter branding is paramount, it’s important for recruitment consultancies to create a brand which is knowledgeable, approachable and honest – exactly what we aim to be at Enigma People Solutions. Email us, and you’ll get a reply. Ask a question, and you’ll get an honest and straightforward answer.

In my spare time, I’m a bit of a petrolhead. I think my passion for cars stems from the simple fact that owning a car gives you immediate and a new found sense of freedom. I love that you can just grab your keys, get behind the wheel and drive where you want and when you want, without anyone stopping you. Whether it’s driving on open country roads, popping to the shops or going on a road trip playing power ballads loudly and singing at the top of your lungs, owning a car makes life more fun and eliminates the hassle of public transport. As I begin to feel more comfortable in my role at Enigma People, I am learning more and more that contract recruitment can be seen in a similar way – bear with me, it will hopefully make sense – I believe that by working as a contractor, you develop a new found sense of freedom that you wouldn’t necessarily get in permanent employment and you can choose the contracts you want to take on and when you want to take them on. You have more control, just like when you own a car. I’m excited to promote and help candidates, as part of my role, to realise the potential of contracting roles, as well as help clients find the right people for them.

So, if you have any questions about Enigma People’s contract recruitment offering, whether you are looking for that elusive contractor or if indeed you are a contractor, please get in touch or connect with me on LinkedIn and I would be delighted to discuss how we can help you.

Georgina Deas
Contract Recruitment Services Marketing Executive @EnigmaPeople

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An industry that needs to shout more!

One of the overriding impressions I often have when talking to people outside of the Tech Industry in the UK is how little people know about the companies’ right next door to them.

For some reason other than smart phones and app’s people just do not seem to know what most of the Tech companies in the UK do. Possibly this is because very few of them deliver branded consumer products but to my mind that is all the more reason to educate people in their communities. Engineers in general are a fairly modest and understated breed. One of the elements I really like about the people I meet in the Tech industry is that they are usually pretty genuine, down to earth and quite humble but conversely this is also a massive source of frustration.

TechWorks is an industry body supported by 350 technology companies in the UK. This is the industry body for Electronic Engineering companies or the Deep Tech industry that develops the technologies that make devices work. This industry develops: healthcare and scanning technologies, creates the “Internet of Things” such as smart meters for controlling homes and offices, develops high performance computing to make our technologies more powerful and energy efficient, designs robots to help industry become more capable and to allow it to go where it is unsafe for humans (such as deep oceans or volcanic landscapes) and last, but by no means least, they include the technologies that make our cars smarter, safer and soon driverless!

Why do we not shout from the rooftops that we genuinely have world leading companies in all of these areas?

There are huge issues though. To build these companies and to make them successful requires a mix of great entrepreneurs, billions of pounds in investment capital and talented and motivated people.

In the UK we fund our companies less than Israel does and significantly less than South Korea does.

We are facing significant challenges in terms of staffing these companies, almost a perfect storm! We don’t have enough University students studying Electronic Engineering, so we are not developing enough future professionals; we have a more restrictive visa system than many of our European competitors, therefore cannot attract enough international engineers to our companies (so the jobs just go elsewhere) and Brexit has made many European nationals feel unwanted or at least uncertain enough to choose to work back in mainland Europe rather than in the UK.

Our previous strengths of great education, collaborative R&D from Universities and great lifestyle and living standards, now are not enough to compete for the talent we need to staff this industry…..

I do feel there is cause for optimism.
I feel many in the industry are missing the point.
If we care about the Tech Industry in the UK, then we must make people in the UK care about it.

I urge the industry bodies to not simply lobby government ministers, but to lobby your wider communities. More needs to be done to raise the profile of the industry in the UK. To make it something that we are truly proud of! Then people will care that the current work visa systems are holding the industry back.

We need to make it a much more inclusive, whilst still meritocratic. If you have a staffing problem but have some of the lowest representation of women in your industry of any developed nation, solve that issue and you will access talent from 50% of your own existing population.

I am sure most people walking past most of our technology companies don’t have a clue what they do. Possibly the technical explanation is too challenging to break through and engage with, but the highlight conceptual presentation of “we make cars safer” or “we make it easier to control your living spaces” is certainly not.

It is possible this is the disconnect from engineers who spend their time figuring out how things work rather than promoting the fact that they do work.

I am excited by our Tech industry in the UK.

It has significant challenges, but time and time again British Engineering has shown that one thing it does best is solve challenges, so my challenge to the tech industry is this…

To our brilliant technologists, to our highly valuable and specialist companies and to our industry bodies – shout out loud and proud about what you do and about how great this industry is.

Get more active in your communities to encourage boys and girls in all sections of society to get into our technology courses at University and to encourage them that there is a brilliant and rewarding career out there for them.

Companies, part of your social responsibility is to make sure that the people in your communities know and appreciate what you do and are inspired by this.

I have two simple questions to ask you
What do you do that changes the world and how does this help people?

If we all do more to raise the profile of our technology industry we can help to lift it.

Ben Hanley
Director @Enigma People

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Recruitment ‘Inception’!

It came as a surprise, but my adventure with Enigma People started, indeed, with an enigmatic email! As someone who never really took the time to fully understand the world of recruitment, when I found myself being recruited by Ben Hanley I thought it was too good to be true. However, against my instinct and perhaps due to undefeatable curiosity, I replied back and interesting things started to happen…

We often think of recruiters or recruitment agencies as a service that ‘bombards’ you with hard sales tactics and poor communication. I understand now that this idea feeds that old human habit of focusing on the negative things. The way I was recruited by Enigma People was far from that initial idea, hence why the enigma! Ben and David Mains had done their homework, they were approachable and had studied my CV, the questions were comfortable and interesting, which made my job interview seem more like a ‘friendly chat’ than the normal anxiety rush that interviews can be.
And then I became a Marketing Executive…

I was ready to move onto a new job, a new challenge, which is the reason I couldn’t be happier for joining Enigma People as the new Marketing Executive. After having spent the last seven years living in four different countries, studying two degrees and acquiring professional experience from hospitality/events to communication/marketing industries, I feel ready to take on this new challenge, to learn and grow further with this journey, and more than anything, I am excited to be a part of a business which promotes a good working ethic, creates exciting goals and where a candidate-centric approach exists.
Expectations, expectations… Let’s talk about expectations!

Not just mine, but also yours in a sense of what you can expect from me. I am friendly and extremely chatty, so if you feel like you have a good suggestion or constructive feedback regarding Enigma People, feel free to drop me an email, or we could have a chat over the phone. As a Portuguese, I love my coffee! So another thing you can always expect from me is an energetic attitude… well, at least till 5:30 pm, when I move on to tea time.

Now, my expectations. I really look forward to further my understanding in technology and to grow strong as a professional marketer. I am a communicator by nature and I love working with people, so I cannot wait to meet the talented and interesting people who are involved with Enigma People and within the industry. Also, I couldn’t be happier with the level of innovation and creativity that exist in my work environment, so I am extremely excited about the future ahead!

Reading this, it will hopefully give you a small ‘picture’ of what I can bring into the business as a person, but more than pretty words and promises, my ultimate wish is to be up to your expectations and that you, as a reader, candidate or a client, feel impressed and trust what we do here in Enigma People.

That said, bring on the new challenge.
Let’s keep growing and improving together, let’s keep in touch!

Marketing Executive @EnigmaPeople


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