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Feature Friday: Insider Threat – What is it and how to Deal With it

We’re bringing you an insightful and thought-provoking article focussed around the subject of insider threat from the cybersecurity specialists at ZoneFox this week on Feature Friday. ZoneFox strives to assist businesses throughout the world to protect their business-critical data against insider threat and is a market leader in user and entity behaviour analytics. With this said, it’s time to hand over to Eilidh Curtis at ZoneFox and find out everything we need to know about the insider threat and how we can tackle this…

Zone Fox - Feature Friday: Insider Threat - What is it and

The Insider Threat: what is it and how to deal with it

As if it wasn’t enough to have to defend from industrial spies, nation states, and script kiddies residing outside your network, one of the biggest threats to our information assets resides within our own environments. The insider threat, intentional or otherwise, is now one of the major concerns in cybersecurity, and with good cause. Within many organizations these days, users have more access to data than they need, cloud storage services have created a phenomenon called Shadow IT, permitting users to save potentially confidential data to the cloud for future access, and with the (understandable) requirement of user-friendliness throughout IT assets, security controls are often disabled rather than tuned. While the insider threat can be a pain in the backside, there are ways to protect yourself and keep your users happy simultaneously.

What is the insider threat?

In order to properly defend yourself, you need to understand what you’re up against. The insider threat comes in many forms, but you can narrow them down into either malicious/intentional threats, or threats that stem from carelessness or lack of knowledge and skill within your workforce. You may have a user that thinks it’s okay to throw the classified document that they were editing up onto their favourite cloud storage platform so that they can access it later. One of your users may provide their credentials to a malicious third-party after being subject to a social engineering attack. You may have a malicious insider who is looking to steal or destroy data because they are disgruntled or under the employ of a competing organization. In the world of startups and small businesses, security controls can sometimes be sacrificed to allow for speed of delivery, lack of knowledge, or user satisfaction. Now that you better understand the threat, we can help you get a handle on the situation.


Good documentation makes a good cybersecurity practice, and policies are a staple in said documentation. Policies back up your decisions, provide guidance for your cybersecurity controls, and give you a base for user education. Acceptable use, privacy, and mobile computing are three base policies that should exist in most organizations. The policies exist to provide the following:

  • Acceptable use policy puts parameters around how your assets can be used. Are your users allowed to store company data in cloud storage? Are USB drives allowed for backup purposes? These answers and others should reside in this policy.
  • Privacy policy tells your users what they are able to do with company data. Does classified data exist on the network? If so, how will your users need to handle it to avoid disclosure? What safeguards are in place to protect your users’ data? How is employee data stored and encrypted?
  • Mobile computing policy lays out rules for mobile access to company resources. Do your employees take laptops home? How do they access company data remotely? Are there specific rules required for travel to high-risk countries? Mobile phones; are they provided by the organization or do you live in a BYOD world? All of these mobile devices access your organization’s resources, your mobile computing policy dictates how.

Once you have a base set of policies in place, your next step is to educate your users about their existence, and what it means to them.


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[Interview] Tackling the Skills Gap – City of Glasgow College

As innovation continues to accelerate throughout both SME’s and established businesses, there are well-founded concerns that the distinct lack of skills combined with an ineffective education system could endanger the UK’s growth. Tech City UK recently estimated that “Britain will need an extra 2.287 million digitally skilled workers by 2020 to satisfy the UK’s digital potential.” On top of these figures, Scotland IS have found that 73% of business will seek to hire digital talent locally this year, a 15% increase on last year’s numbers.

With the demand for industry skills only increasing, it’s important to find out what measures are being put in place by key players within the Scottish technology industry to tackle this. Over the next month, we will be talking to organisations at the centre of this issue; finding out what they think about the lack of skills within their industry, what they are doing to help, and how the industry can contribute to increasing the number of people in skilled work.

In part II of this series, we’re chatting to Steven Murray, Head of Academies for the Faculty of Business, to understand how City of Glasgow College is tackling the skills gap. We find out about the Faculty of Business Industry Academics, their Modern Apprenticeships and what Steven thinks the industry can do to support academia.


COGC logo - [Interview] Tackling the Skills Gap - City of Glasgow College

Hi Steven! Can you tell us a bit about Faculty of Business Industry Academies within City of Glasgow College, please?

“Working directly with local and both national and international Industry partners, City of Glasgow Industry Academies provide a broad, industry relevant focused curriculum to maximise student attainment and employability.  Created upon a cross-curricular structure, Industry Academies provide high-quality education and training delivering essential sector relevant skills and values and behaviours to ensure that graduates are work ready for their chosen area of employment or progression to Higher Education.  Benefiting from their integral links with Industry, Service and Commerce, Industry Academies are responsive to the needs of all sectors.”

What do you hope the impact to be on the industry?

“We are placing skilled, work-ready graduates and undergraduates into full time and paid internships across a wide range of sectors. Our City of Glasgow people are delivering an enthusiastic and flexible talent pipeline that will fuel existing and emerging sectors with a diverse and currency of aptitudes and cross transferable skills.  We are working towards providing the skills base for the future of Glasgow and the nation.”

Could you tell us about the Modern Apprenticeships CoGC run?

“City of Glasgow College offer a number of Modern Apprenticeships to learners aged 16+ which is an opportunity to gain qualifications in a number of business areas whilst actively engaged in paid employment. Modern Apprentices gain skills and qualifications without having to study full-time. Modern Apprenticeship frameworks are designed by employers for employers. A trainee will be given the opportunity to develop essential skills and knowledge in that area and this will ensure the essential combination of theory and practical application of skills is both right for them and for their parent organisation. Through their Training Plan, the trainee and the college are committed to the trainee’s progression and continuing professional development.  Many business sectors have identified a need for Modern Apprenticeships due to an ageing workforce and difficulty in recruiting and attracting new entrants. In addition, employers are often unaware of the career opportunities available within their own areas of industry and many, such as careers within the supply chain is often seen as the “invisible industry”. The skills gained through completion of a Level 3 Modern Apprenticeship will help address these skills shortages.

In addition as an added incentive, the parent organisation and the trainee will each receive a bonus payment of £100 on completion of the framework. A link to our current Modern Apprenticeships is here.

We would encourage anyone who can to attend the next Scotland Policy Conferences Keynote Seminar: Next Steps for Apprenticeships and Skills Development in Scotland, which will take place on the morning of Wednesday, 6th December 2017 in Central Edinburgh.”

What do you think about the lack of skills within the STEM landscape?

“City of Glasgow College and its STEM Academy is addressing and meeting local and national priorities to promote and enrich the current national lack of engagement, enjoyment and promotion of STEM subjects and STEM Curriculums.  Our STEM Academy is actively engaging with external partners to further the collaboration between schools, colleges, universities and industry to address the current lack of awareness and understanding of STEM subjects within business, commerce and everyday life.    Vocational pathways have been created culminating in new progression and career opportunities for learners and in doing so seek to increase the attainment, performance and success which is currently lacking in these areas and to deliver those skill sets into industry both locally and nationally.  The STEM Academy is filling the current skills gap to allow successful transitions into a vibrant sector through the use of Apprenticeships which will effectively benefit from the involvement of industry in education and training.  City of Glasgow College is increasing awareness within students and teaching staff to diminish the lack of awareness of possible progression and career opportunities within the STEM subjects and in doing so increase the confidence within those undertaking those subjects improving possible attainment.”

What would you say industry can do to help academia?

“Working directly with us here at City of Glasgow College industry sectors can have a meaningful and creative input into the design and delivery of our world class curriculum. Students and staff benefit from engaging with industry-led projects that see learners undertake challenges that reflect real time scenarios and factual circumstances whilst embedding the core skills and understanding necessary for those learners to progress into their chosen vocational areas.  Sectors can have a direct influence into the learning and teaching delivered to their future employees today.”

What future plans do you have for your department?

“The Faculty will be supporting the new College initiatives across a number of performance areas to further enhance the world-class learning and teaching delivered to our learners, to work together and further enhance industry and sector links and to deliver further enhanced professional learning and training cooperatively with international partners.  This will also provide enhanced opportunities for staff to engage with and benefit from our industry projects and international presence across numerous business areas.”


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Our Latest Vacancies Throughout Glasgow & the West (16/06/17)

Enigma People Solutions is working on a variety of brilliant and interesting vacancies at the moment! All of these vacancies are situated in Glasgow and the West and range from a Front End (React) Developer at one the fastest growing digital learning companies in the UK to Senior Software Engineer at a thriving international company. So, take a look below and find out if we have the perfect role for you …

icon-electronics PHP Developer 

We’re looking for a skilled PHP Developer who has experience in mentoring other developers, has proven development skills in a Remote/Agile environment and displays a strong initiative. Our client is extremely well known for their restaurant reservation and table management software and are leaders in their sector, with customers in 61 countries around the world. This senior position will see you mentor others, plan and develop code whilst collaborating with other team members such as designers, sysadmins and product managers. If this sounds like it could be the role for you, click the link above for more details.


icon-electronics Front End (React) Developer – E-Learning

This is a great opportunity for an ambitious front-end web developer to join a thriving and creative team developing React applications for their e-learning platforms. If you are passionate about both existing and future web development techniques with a drive to continously self-improve, then this role could be for you! You will become part of a team of front and back-end developers, where you will work on supporting and enhancing their platform and other associated projects. Our client is one of the fastest growing and most creative digital learning companies in the UK. Click the link above for full details and to find out how to apply.


icon-electronics E-Learning Developer – Adobe Suite

We’re looking for an innovative and enthusiastic e-learning developer to join our client, one of the fastest growing and most creative digital learning companies in the UK. This role will see you take on responsibility for the development of exciting and engaging digital learning solutions using a range of eLearning authoring tools. If you have a minimum of 2 years experience in developing e-learning and have knowledge of eLearning authoring tools, such as Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline 2 and Articulate 360, then take a look at the full details above and get in touch!


icon-electronics Senior Software Engineer

We’re currently looking for an experienced Software Engineer to join our client’s strongly established, thriving business. The successful candidate will assist and lead in the development of embedded and web enabled software for industrial applications. If you’re enthusiastic and motivated with an ability to work in a team environment whilst being comfortable managing solo projects, this could be the role for you. Take a look at the full details here.


icon-electronics Microsoft Stack Web Developer 

Our client, one of Scotland’s largest and well-known digital agencies, is looking for a range of mid to senior level developers to join their rapidly expanding team. To be considered for this role, you will need to have experience of Microsoft .Net technology stack, a working knowledge/experience of developing web based solutions and an eagerness to learn and progress. Take a look at the full job ad to find out all the details.


 Enigma People is an award-winning technology recruitment consultancy. Visit our job search page for the latest vacancies in digital, electronics and software in Scotland. You can get in touch with us or call us on 0141 332 4422.

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