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The 8 Essential Steps to Using a Recruitment Agency


If you’re a client working with a recruitment agency and want to get the most from your relationship, it’s highly important to fully understand our function and how we work. Putting together all of our experience over the years, we thought it would be useful to lay out a few of the key points to keep in mind when using a recruitment agency. If recruiter and client can establish a good working relationship from the beginning, it makes for a much happier outcome in the long run; for both parties and the candidates involved. So here are our eight essential steps to using a recruitment agency:

Be Aware of Our Passive Candidates

When we contact you to say that we have a few great candidates in mind for your recent vacancy that cannot be sourced from anywhere else, we really mean it! Over time we are able to create strong working relationships with passive candidates, meaning that when the perfect role comes up for them, they will be much more likely to take the opportunity. Our ability to find out exactly what our candidates want, where they would fit in with company culture and their level of skill relevant to fill the role is essential. We keep up to date with these potential candidates, finding out if their preferences have changed and what they want from their career. We have many passive candidates who are not available on the market but like us to keep them up to date with the latest roles and it is for this reason, that recruitment companies have an advantage.

Provide Accurate Job Specs

Ensuring you provide us with an accurate job specification is a must. Without the correct information, we can’t promote your vacancy to show it’s full potential. And sending us a job spec that’s been used, reused and is now out of date isn’t great either. To create maximum interest, it’s essential that we have a comprehensive understanding of exactly what it is you’re looking for. Providing us with a job spec that is up to date, contain information relevant to the job role and that highlights key specifications will ensure your role gets attention from the right set of candidates.

Remember, This Process Involves Real People

This is something to keep in mind at all points throughout the process. We’re talking about the candidates for the most part but recruiters are people too and everyone involved in the process should be treated with respect and equality. Candidates are more than just a CV or a set of skills. Behind that CV is a real person, who has a life and usually a full-time job outside of their current recruitment process. Being mindful and appreciative of this when planning interviews and phone calls is important; understanding their position makes a massive difference to both your experience and theirs.


Not just feedback but constructive feedback is something every candidate values a lot. It is vital that feedback from the interview reaches the recruiter in a reasonable amount of time. As we’ve said in previous blogs; this is a majorly candidate driven market at the moment and candidates are not willing to hang around forever when they have a multitude of great opportunities to choose from. Ensuring feedback is sent along the lines of communication quickly will allow the process to run smoothly; meaning the candidates is kept up to date and that the recruitment process continues within a good timeframe.

Be Honest

Honesty is vital within the recruitment process;  for us, we need to find out exactly what the client wants and what their expectations are. It’s about having honest and realistic conversations to determine if and how we can work together, even if it involves home truths which can be hard to hear. In the long run, if all parties can talk freely with each other then expectations should be met, positions filled and a good working relationship formed.

Be Ready to Compromise

Already I can hear alarm bells going off as potential clients read this, but an openness to compromise is something that is necessary when going through the recruitment process. What I mean, is that it’s helpful to remember that you might not find a candidate with EVERY skill you have specified in the job spec and that’s okay. They might not have every single skill but they do have the essential ones, plus they fit in really well with the company culture and know the role well. This type of situation requires compromise. The likelihood of finding a candidate who holds every skill on your job spec can be really low, especially if your niche is a new branch of technology or you’re a specialist in your field. Trust us, having someone who has 98% of the skills and is a great fit within your business is much better than spending 6-12 months looking for someone who just doesn’t exist.


This really should go without saying however, communication can be neglected throughout the recruitment process. To ensure things go smoothly; its best to have a few points of contact for your recruiter to reach you on. Arranging specific times and dates for your recruiter to update you and exchange information is helpful. One important point; treat your recruiter as a valued member of the recruitment process – they have the skills and experience needed to source your perfect candidate and contribute towards solving your recruitment problems. This is invaluable.

One Size Does Not Fit All

This cannot be stressed enough. Every client is different, their markets are different and the type of niche which they are working within is almost certainly different. That’s why we tailor our approach to finding the perfect candidate, using our experience to create a recruitment process that works for our individual clients. It’s important to know that each role can have a different process and that the candidates for each role will be different. Using a one size fits all method for such niche markets just wouldn’t work.

8 essential steps for using a recruitment agency

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