Contractor – Hardware Test Technician

“Enigma for me have been a very friendly, professional and rewarding employment agency for myself to work with over the last 3 years. Whether I have questions regarding timesheets, holidays, wages or pay rises they have always listened to what I have to say and always aim to meet my expectations, I would thoroughly recommend them to any other professional who is looking to work as a contractor.”

ASIC Design Developer

“I received the first call from Matt around two months ago. Today is my second week in a great company and in a wonderful city and I couldn’t have asked for more. If I have to say only one thanks, it will definitely be to Matt Golebiewski.

Matt is a really amazing recruiter, for every problem he has a solution. He calls back you quickly when you write an email or you need help. He is the perfect bridge between you and your job success. If you have a dream job, he makes it a reality, giving you all the details you need to reach what you want.  He will stay in contact with you throughout the preparation for interviews and just after, to receive the feedback and help you prepare for the next steps. Once you get the job, Matt continues to stay in touch with you and works hard to give you all the information you may need; how to move to a new city, how to find a flat and how to open a bank account or how to apply for a medical insurance. In a stressful situation such as looking for a job or moving to a new country and a new city, it is essential have this kind of support.

I strongly recommend Matt and encourage anyone looking for a job within his recruiting areas to get in touch with him.”

Firmware Engineer

“From when I first contacted Matt his approach has been both friendly and professional.  He has communicated well at all stages of the recruitment process, providing useful details that helped me prepare for my interview and succeed in getting the job.”

Data Analyst – Lorna Backhouse

I am really enjoying the work and the work environment at Buddi so thank you so much for the help you gave me in securing this position and obviously for recommending me for the position initially. The work is certainly challenging and exactly what I was looking for. The people are great and I will certainly be able to learn from my colleagues.

Analog Engineer

You’ve managed to convince me to go for an interview and that was worth it. You found me a great job (in a great team).

Sensor Technology Characterisation Engineer

During November I came across a position where Daria was the main recruiter. I could not be more delighted with Daria’s professionalism, encouragement and diligence throughout the entire process. I have found her to be trustworthy and easy to communicate. Daria, is a must have asset to Enigma People Solutions and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services.

Thank you Daria for everything you have done!

Design Engineer

A couple of weeks before my graduation, I had a call from Enigma’s candidate manager Scot. He explained the role to me in very clear details and two days after I had a call from the Client. He was a very helpful link between myself and the company as he provided me with details of the format of the various interviews I had with company.

What I really liked was the fact that after every interview, he called me to have some feedback about the interview. There was never a time that I was worried about the progress of my application as he was constantly in touch with me with updates. He was also of such great help in providing useful information about accommodation for the city I moved to.

It was been such a great pleasure working with Scot and Enigma as they really take good care of their candidates. I would definitely recommend them to others.

Technical Engineer

I was extremely happy in the way in which Daria was able to guide and support me to the role that was most suited to my abilities.

Originally I was applying for a lower entry role however, after a phone conversation with Daria, I was recommended that a slightly higher role would suit me better. At first I was very precautious but Daria explained why she believed this role was more suitable for me and was able to remove any doubts that I had. I ended up being successful and being offered employment for the higher role. Throughout the whole process Daria kept in contact to explain every single step of the process and also helped when it came to making a decision by being thorough and supportive.

I genuinely believe that without Daria’s support advice and encouragement I would still be seeking employment and I would recommend her services to anyone who is looking to find further employment or to start a career within their studied field.

Technical Engineer

Friendly, professional, empathic, hard working, organised. These are the first words that come to my mind when I think of Daria.

Whenever she contacted me I always thought she was working with me, not “on my case”.
Daria is able to connect with the candidate and assist during the whole application process with her great professionalism. She always kept me very well informed and made me feel involved in the application process and aware of all the steps.

Daria is among the most helpful persons I ever met. She kept in touch and followed up with me even when the application process did not end as we hoped.

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