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Gary Hamilton – Group Business Development Director – Equator

During a time of growth for Equator in a competitive talent market, Enigma provided us with a dedicated, tailored and professional recruitment service – understanding not just the importance of the skills we required but the emphasis placed on cultural match. Scot took ownership of the recruitment process and applied a relentlessly proactive approach to not only finding suitable candidates but ensuring that the various stages of the process were carried out as efficiently as possible – securing additional hires when and where they were needed.

Colin Banks – Technical Projects Director – Screenmedia

Quite simply Enigma are one of our most valued partners. Their knowledge of the market and expert recruitment guidance has been invaluable in helping us grow and shape our organisation.

Their team take the time to understand not only our needs as a business but also those of our culture, of what defines us. They supply candidates that meet our skills needs but more crucially, are aligned to our core values.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Gerry O’Hara – Technical Director – Radiator

“Enigma’s people are very good to work with. They’ll visit and spend time chatting to you to understand what you really need. They also bring their own ideas to the table on how to achieve that. We recently approached Enigma to source candidates for two new mid-level Developer positions we wanted to create. Enigma demonstrated their expertise by suggesting that, rather than hire two developers at the mid-point of their careers, we should actually bring in one experienced developer and one graduate. We hadn’t considered that before and thought it was a good idea, so we took Enigma’s advice and they found the two developers we needed. The balance of skills and experience the two bring has already added a new dimension to our business.
Enigma is very different from other recruitment agencies I’ve used in the past, who would simply shuffle CVs over to me without applying any real thought. By comparison, Enigma price their services competitively and add value in everything they do. Crucially for us, they really understand the importance of finding people with the right personality for your business, as well as the right technical skills.
As a result, we dont work with any other recruitment agency.”

Kevin O’Hara – Managing Director – Innovation Digital

Like a lot of people in our industry I get inundated with calls and emails from recruitment agencies. I have had so-called Recruitment Consultants trying to push Developers that have a complete mis-match of skills for the work we do, I have had others send me CVs that are so blatantly inappropriate that I wonder if they have even read them themselves. Like many others I have my fair share of horror stories and that’s before we even get to the fees that they want to charge…

My experience with Enigma has been completely at odds with these horror stories. We have had an honest and open partnership from the start. The fees are fair and if I am not happy they are willing to listen (and even do something about it!). Enigma has taken the time to try and understand our business, to understand what we are doing. They listen and question and there is an intelligent dialogue, a genuine partnership.

Over the last year we have completely restructured our business and Enigma has played a key role in helping us achieve this. We have continued to recruit through our own networks and contacts but Enigma has worked with us to place a new Digital Director, a Head of UX, a Head of Online Marketing, and a new Digital Consultant. All senior roles, all key positions for positioning Innovation Digital as one of the leading Digital Agencies in the country. As I say, I get inundated with enquiries but Enigma is the only Recruitment Agency that has met (and even exceeded) my expectations.

Julian Westaby – Director – Dunning – Creating Sparks

Customers are valued by Enigma; (they are) very focused on matching candidates to customers needs and projects rather than putting candidates forward just to make up numbers, a perception a-kin to their industry.

In the short time we have known Enigma I have found them very approachable and genuine. I like their core values; Ethical, respectful and non-judgmental. Their approach to business has a ‘pay-it-forward’ culture about it and they also take time to listen to their customers. Customers feel a sense of connection to them; this bodes well for long-term relationships.

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