PHP Software Developer

“Daria is a very social and one of the most reliable recruiters available when it comes to keeping in touch about any available opportunities that match your skill set.

When working with Daria in both a previous job hunt earlier in the year and one just last week, both processes were quick and easy and never felt like I was waiting around for replies or dates to be set up for interviews, everything was always quick, detailed and overall outstandingly communicated.

I’d highly recommend Daria to anyone seeking a job in the technology field and can say as a former job hunter, she has successfully helped me land a new permanent position in Glasgow.”

PHP Software Developer

“When I received a phone call from Daria about job offers for me, I thought it’s the call like lots I had before. But it wasn’t. Daria did an introduction call, carefully listened to what I was saying and came back to me later with two job offers which she said would match my needs. Guess what? She was right on point! I received a new job with the very first job offer!

Words can’t say how happy and grateful I am about this.

Daria was extremely professional and helpful during the whole process, from arranging an interview at a suitable time for me, offering her advice, to helping with contact sign-up with the company. She supervised the whole process to make sure I was happy with the final result.

She’s not afraid of speaking her mind which leads to smart conversations that are helping you to make the right choice.

I highly recommend Daria Czaplinska to anybody who is looking for a new job.”


Graduate PHP Developer

“Daria from Enigma had gone beyond expectations when dealing with my recruitment, it was a pleasure working with her, will definitely recommend.

A mug from Enigma sent to my new workplace is a nice touch too!”

Graduate Web/Mobile Developer

When I was looking for a job, Daria helped and guided me through the process of approaching a company (who I am currently working for now), and my experience with her could not have been better. She would thoroughly take care of every detail in order to ensure that everything was going smoothly and on time. In addition, she was not only professional and efficient but also very charming. Although her service would have been good enough without the warmth, she would carry out every dialogue in a friendly and nice way, providing me with a great, enjoyable personal attention and helping me to cope with the situation. In stressful moments, such as when you are attending your first job interview, one can only be grateful for this kind treatment.

Account Executive

Enigma Solutions truly understand the needs of both employers and potential candidates and should I somehow find myself wanting to leave my current position, I will be knocking your door again for help finding work. You are all truly great at what you do. I haven’t had a job where I feel as valued as I do right now so that is a good sign. I didn’t even realise that it had been 3 months already.

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