ASIC Design Developer

“I received the first call from Matt around two months ago. Today is my second week in a great company and in a wonderful city and I couldn’t have asked for more. If I have to say only one thanks, it will definitely be to Matt Golebiewski.

Matt is a really amazing recruiter, for every problem he has a solution. He calls back you quickly when you write an email or you need help. He is the perfect bridge between you and your job success. If you have a dream job, he makes it a reality, giving you all the details you need to reach what you want.  He will stay in contact with you throughout the preparation for interviews and just after, to receive the feedback and help you prepare for the next steps. Once you get the job, Matt continues to stay in touch with you and works hard to give you all the information you may need; how to move to a new city, how to find a flat and how to open a bank account or how to apply for a medical insurance. In a stressful situation such as looking for a job or moving to a new country and a new city, it is essential have this kind of support.

I strongly recommend Matt and encourage anyone looking for a job within his recruiting areas to get in touch with him.”

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