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Sector Spotlight: Getting into Software Development

Software Development offers graduates vast career opportunities within a thriving industry. The software sector in Scotland is a major employer and important part of the economy. There is a great demand from businesses – ScotlandIS reports that 74% of businesses were on the look-out for graduates in 2016 – with software and web development being the most sought after skill. The sector offers higher than average starting salaries, with Edinburgh offering the second highest technology salaries in the UK after London.

Enigma People Recruitment Consultant Emma Dougal specialises in Graduate Software roles . She joined us in August 2016, after achieving her 1st class BSc (Hons) in Psychology and brought with her an understanding of what the recruitment process is like from a graduate’s point of view.

Whilst at the University of Glasgow, Emma completed her Professional Skills module (the only university module of its kind in the UK) learning skills on transitioning from university to work life, employability skills, presentation skills, CV writing and how to conduct yourself at interview.

We understand that not all graduates have had the opportunities to learn these important skills in finding a job once they have left university. So we sat down with Emma to learn a bit more about how she can help graduates get their first Software Development job:

  • Hi Emma! Tell us a bit about what you do here at Enigma:

“I work within the Digital & Software team focussing on Graduate recruitment. I’m working with a number of small digital agencies as well as larger well known corporate businesses who are recruiting for skills across C#, PHP, and Java.”

  • What is the market like for Graduate Software roles? What do your clients most want to see from CV’s?

“It is quite a competitive market at the moment; I find I get a lot of applications per vacancy so it’s more important than ever to make your CV stand out.

If you’ve done an interesting honours project make sure that’s in there.

Don’t waste space with irrelevant information – list the information which is most relevant to the job applied for at the top.

Your CV needs to be tailored to the role – you can use the key skills section of the job specification as a guide of what information to focus your CV on.

Hiring managers like to see good degree classifications, clear evidence and detail of any side projects you’ve worked on, and any examples of your work. If you have worked on building any websites, games, or apps then make sure your CV includes information and links to these.

Include any relevant work experience you’ve had and show that you have a passion for software. It’s always a good idea to list this as one of your hobbies.”

  • What’s your key pieces of advice for preparing and attending interviews?

“Firstly keep calm. Make sure to research the company, their website and any company blogs which can help you understand as much about the company as possible.

The good thing about interviewing for software developer roles is you know what questions your likely to be asked. The job specification will very often list the skills a company is looking for, so make sure you’re able to talk about your experience of these in detail. Be ready with relevant examples.

What I would also advise is show an enthusiasm to be involved. Hiring managers are not only assessing your skills and experience but also how you would fit into the existing team. Graduates do well at interview when they let their personality shine through, and show an eagerness to learn.”

Emma Dougal | Sector Spotlight: Getting into software development

For further advice on graduate software jobs, get in touch with Emma on 0141 332 4422 or drop her an email at

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