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Recruitment ‘Inception’!

It came as a surprise, but my adventure with Enigma People started, indeed, with an enigmatic email! As someone who never really took the time to fully understand the world of recruitment, when I found myself being recruited by Ben Hanley I thought it was too good to be true. However, against my instinct and perhaps due to undefeatable curiosity, I replied back and interesting things started to happen…

We often think of recruiters or recruitment agencies as a service that ‘bombards’ you with hard sales tactics and poor communication. I understand now that this idea feeds that old human habit of focusing on the negative things. The way I was recruited by Enigma People was far from that initial idea, hence why the enigma! Ben and David Mains had done their homework, they were approachable and had studied my CV, the questions were comfortable and interesting, which made my job interview seem more like a ‘friendly chat’ than the normal anxiety rush that interviews can be.

And then I became a Marketing Executive…

I was ready to move onto a new job, a new challenge, which is the reason I couldn’t be happier for joining Enigma People as the new Marketing Executive. After having spent the last seven years living in four different countries, studying two degrees and acquiring professional experience from hospitality/events to communication/marketing industries, I feel ready to take on this new challenge, to learn and grow further with this journey, and more than anything, I am excited to be a part of a business which promotes a good working ethic, creates exciting goals and where a candidate-centric approach exists.

Expectations, expectations… Let’s talk about expectations!

Not just mine, but also yours in a sense of what you can expect from me. I am friendly and extremely chatty, so if you feel like you have a good suggestion or constructive feedback regarding Enigma People, feel free to drop me an email, or we could have a chat over the phone. As a Portuguese, I love my coffee! So another thing you can always expect from me is an energetic attitude… well, at least till 5:30 pm, when I move on to tea time.

Now, my expectations. I really look forward to furthering my understanding in technology and to grow strong as a professional marketer. I am a communicator by nature and I love working with people, so I cannot wait to meet the talented and interesting people who are involved with Enigma People and within the industry. Also, I couldn’t be happier with the level of innovation and creativity that exist in my work environment, so I am extremely excited about the future ahead!

Reading this, it will hopefully give you a small ‘picture’ of what I can bring into the business as a person, but more than pretty words and promises, my ultimate wish is to be up to your expectations and that you, as a reader, candidate or a client, feel impressed and trust what we do here in Enigma People.

That said, bring on the new challenge.
Let’s keep growing and improving together, let’s keep in touch!

Marketing Executive @EnigmaPeople


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