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PHP Frameworks: Why complicate?

In recent weeks we at Enigma People Solutions have noticed an increasing demand for PHP developers which prompted some research into the topic.  We came across this great blog from written by Dr. Michael J. Garbade, who holds a PhD in Finance and is the founder and CEO of San Francisco based LiveEdu Inc. ( He explains the benefits of using a PHP Framework in order to enable implementation of more effective solutions. We thought this might interest you developers out there, we hope you enjoy.

How to choose a PHP framework

By Dr. Michael J. Garbade

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PHP is one of the most popular programming languages around the world, and the recent PHP 7 release made this server-side programming language better and more stable than ever.

PHP is widely used in major projects. Facebook, for example, utilizes PHP for maintaining and creating their internal systems. WordPress uses PHP to power its internals, which in return is powering more than 26% of the web. Currently, PHP powers more than 82% of websites (whose server-side programming languages the Web Technology Surveys site is able to track).

In this article, we’ll look at three of the most popular PHP frameworks: Symfony, Laravel, and Yii.

Why pick a PHP framework?

The below benefits are too significant to be ignored. Even though raw PHP can be used to create any application, the current development standards require tools and time-management skills to meet the market demand.

How to choose a PHP framework

Answering a few questions can help you choose a framework:

  1. What are the features and functionality of the framework? (Does it offer what I need?)
  2. What is the learning curve of the framework?
  3. How scalable is the framework?
  4. Is the framework actively developed and maintained by the core team?
  5. Does the framework provide long-term support (LTS support)?
  6. Does the framework have a strong community support?

 Framework differences

Every framework is created differently. Symfony works on reusable components and provides the best modularity. Symfony also utilizes the model and controller for developing a web application, which may look rusty for many new developers, but it works. Also, Symfony is a good example of the modular framework. You can use the 30 components provided by Symfony in your project in a modular fashion.

Yii uses an MVC framework. (Symfony does provide support for MVC, which is discussed in more detail in Is Symfony2 a MVC framework on the site.)

Symfony can be used for rapid development and complex projects. Even though there is a debate on which framework is better for complex projects, Symfony does showcase brilliant complexity handling compared to other frameworks. Yii also utilizes components, but is not as modular as Symfony. Laravel doesn’t provide a modular approach as sharp as the other two frameworks.

If you are looking for a modular framework, go for Symfony. Otherwise, Laravel and Yii are both great choices.

Rapid development

From the perspective of the company or the client, quickly getting the application to the market to meet consumer demand and beat competitors is important. Symfony stands out for being a robust framework with a strong community standing behind it. Laravel is growing rapidly, but still has a way to go before being considered the de facto choice for PHP development. On the other hand, if you have no knowledge of any PHP frameworks and want to get started as quickly as possible, consider Laravel. Laravel has an easy learning curve, and you’ll find lots of tutorials online to help get you started. Yii takes performance to the next level, and provides code scaffolding for faster code generation and development.


The performance of any application only matters if it is a real-time application using critical data. How many web-based applications depend on high performance? Not many, but the performance of frameworks can play a crucial role in many projects.

Social networks are prime example of real-time events and one of our star streamers, jadson, built a mobile social network using Yii2. When it comes to choosing the best framework for coding a high-performance application, Yii stands out as the fastest PHP framework in our lot.

Laravel performance is highly debatable. It is slowest, but does that matter? You’ll find online resources for speeding up performance, including a guide on GitHub for making your Laravel application faster.


In the battle of Symfony vs. Laravel vs. Yii, all three PHP frameworks are excellent options that provide a full-stack development environment for developers. For me, Laravel is a winner that is emerging as a star with no sign of stopping.

Still, Symfony and Yii are both excellent frameworks. Symfony is well-established and with a bigger, more mature community. Yii is a unique framework that is robust, secure, and gets the job done.


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