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IT’s About People, Stupid!

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2016 will be my 19th year recruiting technologists for technology teams.

This has seen me work in-house for one of the leading tech companies in the world and run my own successful agency for the past 11 years .

It is a fascinating, exciting and challenging environment to work in as technology is a fundamental part of our everyday lives. Technology has changed the recruitment industry and how we recruit people so dramatically that I almost don’t know where to begin.

From the days of printing out CV’s and physically taking them to clients, to emailing them and logging candidates onto specific application tracking systems we have seen significant changes in how we provide a service to clients. Even the change from face to face interviews to video conference and shared desktop sessions to allow for some technical assessments to be carried out remotely but at the same time in person.

Despite these changes however, the key to everything is people. It is people that drive our industry, it is people that drive our client’s businesses, the ideas, the creativity, the dreams, the knowhow and the drive to get things done. People like to deal with people in the recruitment process, and that is partly the value that a recruiter brings, that ability to deal with and understand people as well as drive a process.

Recruiters are charged with finding the best performer for a company’s vacancy. As a sports coach I have long ago learned that performers come in all shapes and sizes and that people surprise us constantly with their performance capabilities.

Think back to school days when you were selecting teams for games, the last kid selected sometimes scored the winning goal. Remember that quiet kid at school that nobody thought would amount to anything but goes on to win X Factor or build a successful business career? Well remember this when selecting people for your teams. Given the right environment people flourish, skills can be taught.

One of the key threats to the tech industry is a lack of qualified and suitably skilled people. Yes there are some great positive good news stories about some high growth companies but to my mind too much emphasis is placed on two or three prominent companies and not enough on the people in the dozens of other brilliant SME companies that are innovating and growing in what is an extremely challenging landscape. All companies suffer when there is a skills shortage but SME companies more so as they struggle to compete with wages and benefits on offer from larger players.

Employers have a need more now than ever to sponsor, develop and challenge individuals (just like the best sports coaches do) as that is how those individuals will grow. However it requires three things; a willingness to hire people that are not the finished article but possess the raw materials, the skill and desire to develop those people, and the patience to let them grow.

That way you shall have a loyal and trusted workforce, teams can grow and more SME businesses can be successful in attracting and retaining talent.

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