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From Alstom to Zen – The Enigma Alphabet of Clients

From Alstom to Zen – The Enigma Alphabet of Clients

From Alstom to Zen – The Enigma Alphabet of Clients

2015 has been a busy start to the year working with some exiting new clients and strengthening relationships with existing ones! We were recently inspired to see if we could complete the entire English alphabet with names of some of the businesses we have helped grow over the years.

What started off as a fun game in the office soon made us realise that, much to our amazement, we could complete the entire alphabet – including the difficult ones like x, y and Z!

Our alphabet of clients, some of which we have been working with since our inception 10 years ago, all benefit from our expansive, expert knowledge of the technology market in Scotland. Our clients range from local start ups to multinational organisations, across various industries, and we are proud to be able to deliver our expert recruitment solutions to each of them.

When Barrhead Travel announced they were bringing over 100 jobs to Glasgow, Enigma were a preferred supplier of technology talent to the UK’s number 1 online travel agent. We were able to source and place local talent, populating their technology teams with a development team manager, marketing manager, members of the marketing department, and front & back end developers.

Psymetrix, the Edinburgh software solutions company, first approached us as an 8 person team whose ambition led them to be acquired by global electronics company Alstom Grid. Alstom, though they had an internal recruitment team, continue to partner with us to tap into local talent and those with the rare specialist software, firmware and hardware skills they are looking for.

It is businesses like these, and many others, whom we love working closely with, helping to fill challenging and specialist roles and growing their teams. Ticking off each and every letter of the alphabet, which encompasses some of the UK’s most exciting and innovative businesses, is a great achievement for us. If you would like to join our alphabet, then please do contact Ben Hanley with your contract or permanent technology vacancies, and let us know your letter 🙂

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