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Digital Touch

The future calls for a Digital world and we are embracing the idea every day.

But what does it really mean to become digital, or better, to BE digital?

When new trends enter the market, the pressure to become more visible and reach more customers increases. Digital marketing of tomorrow creates a whole new world of opportunities for businesses, where now you are able to use latest technologies for a more integrated and stimulating consumer experience.

According to Forbes Agency Council, there are some major digital marketing trends for 2018 that shouldn’t be ignored! Here are their four main trend predictions for 2018:

  1. Augmented Reality

Have you noticed the latest advances on your mobile devices? They have become powerful social tools, providing integrated AR tools such as using location to enable content and interactive information. A good example of this is Pokémon Go, the so claimed pioneer of this technological development to the average consumer. An even bigger impact of this technology is predicted for 2021. ‘Augmented reality is where the money is… It’s all about numbers rather than demand’. This is an interesting statement that translates an inevitable trend. Just think of how many devices are out there in people’s hands, this is the ideal portal to the consumer, and in no time every device will efficiently integrate some sort of AR. This future represents an open future for AR, the opportunities are almost infinite! The open innovation and development are already happening in platforms such Apple’s ARKit, Google’s ARCore, and Snapchat Lens Studio – allowing developers to create their own augmented reality apps and features. And this is just the beginning…

  1. The Influencer

This online trend is currently used and abused by multiple brands. Careful, this ought to change! The reason why this trend is ‘shaky’ and not the most sustainable business approach is because of the lack of strategy, relying on individuals who sometimes do not efficiently adopt the brand’s strategy and communication, which also make results rather difficult to measure. Remember quantity not always means quality!

  1. Customer Journey

Understanding where your consumers are, and will be, becomes now an important step for success and you can achieve this with data-driven marketing. Map this journey, this way you will not only provide the best consumer experience you can, but also you will learn from it! Don’t forget that what you have with your consumer is a relationship, which starts from initial contact, through the process of engagement and into a long-term relationship. It is a powerful tool and will help you gain a clearer picture of your business process. Imagine how this could help enhance the experience and service to the customer, and ultimately differentiate the organisation’s digital experience.

  1. Be Personal, Tailor Your Steps

Ok, careful with connotations. We are not saying to turn your customer into your buddy, you should always keep it professional. However, the professional concept of today has changed drastically from formal communication and ‘cold’ corporate approaches, to a more friendly and sustainable way to interact. Industrialisation made the world go fast, homogenous, cold and grey. Now, the customer expects a more ‘human’ and personalised touch when it comes to business’ communication. No one wants to be associated to the big corporate sharks anymore, there is a need for validation, uniqueness and association to good practices and values in order to be a sustainable business. This can be translated in every stage of the sales funnel, as strategies should be contextual and in perspective with GDPR, which makes digital marketing a crucial expertise in 2018 and onwards.

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