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Contracting, a case of success


Throughout the years, we have worked with many successful clients. One in a particular a Scottish smart card technology business, has been through periods of significant growth in recent years. This has included in-house team expansions and even mergers. In 2016, this business was acquired by an American tech company that creates innovative semiconductor and IP products, ranging from security, smart sensors and lighting to memory and interfaces. The acquisition lead to a need for a number of contractors in order to ramp up project delivery and product integration of the two businesses. Enigma People was entrusted with a number of project pieces specifically to recruit; an Embedded Software Engineer, a Database Developer, a Support Analyst, two Software Developers and a Technical Project Manager as short term contact roles.

Our Strategy

The recent merger was a major factor that contributed to the construction of our strategy; now a combination and integration of two companies, it was essential for prospect candidates to understand fully when applying and, if suitable for the role, when undertaking the interview process.

At Enigma People, company culture and fit is of vital importance when we are working with our clients and candidates. Holding an understanding of both the client and the candidate is vital to a successful recruitment process, as the end goal is to find the right candidate to fit both the client and the role.

Enigma used the acquisition as a unique selling point because it brought with it a substantial amount of investment, which contributed towards growth and bolstering business confidence. The acquisition also highlighted the recognition and success that our client had achieved, presenting these new roles as a great opportunity to work with innovative and creative technology. Further, it provided an opportunity to work within a well-regarded and expanding business at the heart of the smart ticketing systems industry.

The time frame we had agreed with our client proved highly important over the course of these projects. Quick turnarounds allowed us to solve their recruitment problems without impacting on their ability to deliver projects, something which would have had repercussions throughout the business. Understanding the needs of our client’s business alongside their recruitment needs enabled us to see the full 360 view and present our client with the right candidates for the roles.

Market Understanding

The integration of the two companies also impacted on the type and length of role that this project involved; compared to our previous work with the business premerger, our latest projects involved identifying and hiring short term contractors to fulfil their needs. Taking into account the various roles and length for which these were required, we had to ensure that each role was approached on an individual basis; tailoring our process in order to ensure we successfully sourced and placed each candidate within our allocated timeframe.

As some of the technical contracts were quite short-term, initially it was likely that these would be most of interest to relatively local candidates. However, the market we were operating in was one of low candidate availability and high candidate demand meaning that prospect candidates for the roles had choice and would go off the market quickly. 

In consulting with the business on this matter, we were able to advise the client of the importance of prioritising speed of turnaround in the recruitment process. This conversation enabled us to agree a turnaround of CVs to review of inside 24 hours in most cases and interviews within days of CV submission, meaning that the client was more likely to retain the attention of the candidates they were interested in. 

The Challenges 


Keeping in mind the combination and integration of two businesses which arose from the recent merger, Enigma People harnessed our strong relationship with our Scottish client and our new understanding of the American company to successfully source and place six new candidates into various roles throughout the business over a 9 month period. 

Taking each role on an individual basis allowed us to work smartly and identify the parameters and specifics to ascertain:

  1. where to find prospect candidates
  2. what type of candidate would be suitable for the role and
  3. how we can work with the time frame we had agreed 

This approach proved extremely successful, enabling us to tackle challenging roles head on and provide the niche candidates that our client needed to build their teams.

We felt that working exclusively with Enigma meant that the newly merged company was able to focus on responding quickly to one supplier, rather than being distracted by multiple suppliers. Our combined efficient, streamlined and trusted relationship gave our client competitive advantage in securing the contractors they were looking for.

If you have any questions about Enigma People’s contract recruitment offering, whether you are looking for that elusive contractor or if indeed you are a contractor, please get in touch and we would love to discuss how we can help you.

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