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Enigma People Solutions’ New Partnerships in 2017 – Technology Scotland

We’re really excited to share our latest partnership news!

We have recently been in talks with our friends over at Technology Scotland and we can now share with you that we are officially their corporate sponsors! We are thrilled to partner with such a great organisation at the heart of the Technology industry within Scotland. We are looking forward to working with them on a whole host of great events that they have lined up throughout the rest of the year; all of which will contribute towards supporting our industry and highlighting the importance of the Scottish Technology industry.

Stephen Taylor, CEO of Technology Scotland said, “We are delighted to welcome Enigma People Solutions as a Corporate Sponsor of Technology Scotland. Companies working within the Scottish Emerging & Enabling Technology Sector enjoy some £4billion in annual turnover, accounting for 10% of Scottish exports and providing a number of vital components to high profile markets and products. Accessing the right skills and people is crucial to stimulate growth, collaboration and innovation across the sector. With Technology Scotland’s focus on growing this vibrant community and Enigma People’s award-winning expertise in sourcing the best skills to industry; we are very excited to be working together and look forward to enjoying even more Scottish technology success over the next year!

BIO: Technology Scotland

“Technology Scotland is the leading cluster organisation for industry, academia, and other institutes engaged in the Emerging & Enabling (E&E) Technology sectors in Scotland, including advanced materials, electronics, nanotechnology, photonics, and advanced manufacturing.”

As a result of varying demands throughout the industry, Technology Scotland was formed in order to become the body which would represent the Emerging and Enabling Technology organisations across Scotland. This has allowed for diverse aspects of the technology industry to become interconnected, with Technology Scotland being the independent voice for these organisation.

In addition, Technology Scotland provides an opportunity for organisations to solve problems collectively and in turn, boost economic development and create supply chains. A variety of services are also offered by Technology Scotland as a way of supporting and encouraging member organisations to strive towards global competitiveness. Sevices such as events, workshops, collaborative networking and special interest groups are available throughout the year to member organisations.

Technology Scotland also acts as a conduit for members to and from government agencies, and to the Technology Advisory Group within Scottish Enterprise.

 THE FUTURE OF DESIGN: Adding Value Through Emerging & Enabling Technologies.

What better way to kick off our exciting new partnership than with Technology Scotland’s latest event: THE FUTURE OF DESIGN: Adding Value Through Emerging & Enabling Technologies.

Date: Thursday 17 August
Time: 5pm arrival for 5:30pm start
Venue: Drygate Brewery, Glasgow
Tickets: FREE (please note that non-attendees – without 24 hours notice – will be invoiced £10 following the event)

Event Info: As we enter the next wave of technological change, this event will explore how these Emerging & Enabling Technologies can reimage established products across a range of sectors to add value and drive profitability; whether it be healthcare, consumer, industrial or renewable products, design not only provides the framework for how new technologies work and are used, it also places it in a broader context that includes the total ecosystem with which it interacts.

Take a look here, check out the full details of the event and be sure to register…it’s going to be brilliant!

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Enigma People Solutions’ New Partnerships in 2017

We have some exciting news that we want to share with you!

Over the past few months, Enigma People Solutions has been very busy connecting with some really great organisations and individuals within the industry. As a result of this, we now have not one but two fantastic new partnerships! We are proud to say that we are partners with TechWorks & NMI and Glasgow City of Science and Innovation – both of which are facilitating the growth of the technology industry through their work with a variety of businesses and organisations within their key sectors. We are looking forward to working together on some exciting projects with these new partners, all of which will contribute towards supporting our industry and highlighting the importance of the Scottish and UK tech industry.

TechWorks Logo

Newly restructuring their operations to allow for a much more involved role in supporting UK Deep Tech, TechWorks was created to act as an umbrella to their existing connected communities; NMI, AESINIoTSF and PEUK , whilst also looking for opportunities for exploration and growth in new areas. Techworks looks to promote and develop the strength of the UK’s position as a technology giant by harnessing the excellent engineering and innovation which is in abundance in the UK already. The connected community of NMI realises the importance of the UK within the electronics industry and their mission is “to increase the quality and quantity of electronic engineering and manufacturing in the UK“. To do this, they are bringing together the UK electronics communities and taking a holistic view in order to successfully support the industry as it continues to evolve rapidly. Enigma People Solutions have partnered with TechWorks & NMI to contribute to their mission. We have already been working closely with NMI and have published the Post Budget Business Sentiment Survey, as a means of understanding the state of the electronics industry landscape, post-budget. It was also a great opportunity to gain some useful feedback on topics of interest for future events/webinars that we have planned for later on this year. Our Director, Ben Hanley, recently attended the TechWorks launch and here’s what he had to say about our new partnership:

“I want to be involved in TechWorks as it represents a great opportunity to see the Deep Tech industry in the UK truly come together to collaborate in a way that helps this important sector continue to be a world leader. There are many challenges faced by the sector including growth funding and investment, attraction and retention of talent but there is a fantastic opportunity for tech companies in the UK to be world leaders; to become Unicorns and to have UK companies that grow to become a Facebook or Google. As a recruiter in this space, we feel strongly that we have a responsibility to support our clients and to be as knowledgeable about the industry we support.”


Glasgow City of Science and Innovation

In addition to TechWorks, we have also welcomed on board Glasgow City of Science and Innovation! GCOSI works as a facilitation organisation; striving to bring together partners from across Glasgow and the West in order to boost innovation and contribute to a better quality of life. Their vision is something which we totally agree with and feel strongly about in this rapidly changing technological landscape:

“To work smarter, in partnership, to raise the profile of Glasgow and the West of Scotland as a world-class science destination and leverage science and technology to boost sustainable development and quality of life.”

Now, with over 90 organisations brought together from a variety of sectors, it’s safe to say that GCOSI is definitely succeeding in connecting people across Glasgow and the West. Not to mention their ability to highlight and promote the extraordinary science and technology-based talent that Glasgow holds to the rest of the UK and worldwide. GCOSI is involved with everything from Food and Drink to Education and Skills and Engineering, Design and Manufacturing; with their priority sectors being set up to align to the key growth sectors within the Glasgow City Region’s Economic Development Strategy. They are playing an invaluable role at the heart of the innovation ecosystem by providing support to local, national and international partners, investors and funders, industry and innovators, learners and educators and the public and media. Having as strong a footing in the innovation ecosystem as GCOSI does is one of the main reasons they have become such an exciting organisation within the STEAMMS landscape. GCOSI is the organisation to go to if you’re looking for some support, advice, expert knowledge concerning a whole host of topics surrounding science and technology..and so much more! Here at Enigma, we can’t wait to kick off our partnership with GCOSI!


Watch this space for all the latest news coming up from both of our new partnerships!


NMI connected Logo                                                   


If you’re interested in partnering with us, you can get in contact here: hello@enigmapeople.com or call us directly on 0141 3324422.

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