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lndigoVision’s European Sales Recruitment

Our latest client case study highlights our work to recruit Sales Executives for IndigoVision – a leading manufacturer of complete end-to-end lP video security solutions, headquartered in Edinburgh. lndigoVision has extensive reference sites including 7 rail networks, 2 of the world’s top 5 banks, 28 airports and the two Olympic Games. Around the world 27 casinos consisting of over 8000 cameras, have chosen lndigoVision’s lP Video solution, reinforcing the company’s position as the market leader in this industry.

Recruitment brief:
Our brief was to identify and attract Senior Sales Executives across Europe and persuade them to begin a career as Sales Agents for lndigoVision. Locations were Nordics, Germany, ltaly, Russia.

Our strategy was to collate initial contact lists of 20-30 candidates for each post. We utilised local (in-country) job boards to advertise vacancies and to search CV databases; implemented a market map of lndigoVision’s top 8 competitors and their sales teams; partnered with local agents in certain countries to help identify candidates that we had no tools to locate with in-house resources. Each identified candidate was contacted directly over the phone by Ben Hanley, Enigma People Solutions’ account relationship manager for lndigoVision.

Challenges faced:
lndigoVision sell new technology – lP. The challenge is to find sales people who have the technical ability to sell lP versus analogue and the sales ability and the market knowledge to back it up. We needed to spend time engaging with senior professionals, at the top of their game in well known and established companies.

Finding relevant candidates is one challenge, whilst getting their attention and capturing their imagination – to the extent that they will consider an interesting opportunity – is another. What was on offer was to leave permanent employment and set up as a completely self- employed agent working for lndigoVision on an exclusive basis. Candidates needed to feel reassured at a tipping point in their career. That demands a great deal of tact, diplomacy and charm. We, as recruiters, must be able to talk knowledgeably to candidates about complex financial matters such as pensions and tax, often under legal and financial regulation in different countries – whilst simultaneously avoiding the risk of being seen to be giving direct advice.

Our solution:
The key to our solution was the close personal nature of the recruitment process.

Each candidate was initially pitched to, to highlight the opportunity. This was a 5 minute pitch designed to sell the client’s gravitas and to raise interest in the uniqueness of the opportunity. Once candidates were qualified, two further phone interviews, of approximately one hour each, were carried out to firstly quantify and evaluate individual sales track record and career track then secondly to drill down further into each candidate’s personality and role ‘fit’. Typically only 2 or 3 candidates were presented to lndigoVision against each post, and these were then telephone interviewed by lndigoVision themselves. ln all cases, 2 preferred candidates were presented for a face-to-face interview before moving to the offer stage.

Sounds simple? When you consider that approximately 100 x 5 minute pitches were made across 4 country regions, followed by at least 30, hour long, 1st stage conversations, then 18 deeper conversations, this was a very time consuming project.

What was successful/innovative about our solution?
We have demonstrated our professional approach to lndigoVision over a number of years and have met with most of their executive team at least once, including the founder of the company. Our relationship allowed us to understand the client at both a team and an individual level and the cultural fit on a departmental, as well as corporate, level. The ability to assess candidates against this culture and convey the culture and ethics of the client accurately helps greatly when trying to inspire potential agents to the company.

ln terms of extending the personal touch, Ben Hanley, Enigma’s People Solutions’ Director, personally met every serious candidate before they met with lndigoVision, taking the time to get to know the candidates. On this assignment, every interviewee was taken to dinner by Ben to start the assessment process, and also to brief them on the following day’s meetings. lt is this patient and painstaking attention to detail that ensures the candidates feel well looked after and regarded in the recruitment process.

What has been key to our success with this client is a shared passion for their business. lndigoVision enjoy drive, ambition and passion – which comes right down from the executive team. When Enigma People started working with lndigoVision they had 60 staff; they now have 130.

The results:
As Managing Agent for lndigoVision’s European Sales recruitment Enigma People Solutions has filled a number of important and complex sales posts in Europe. Enigma People completed projects for Sales Executives across Europe including ltaly, Germany the Nordics and Russia. Typically these processes would individually take up to 9 months to complete, including candidate notice periods. EPS completed the whole project in that time.

One of the big pluses with our relationship with lndigoVision is that they trust us. We are given authority and autonomy as the client believes in our combination of experience as a recruiter, knowledge of the industry, the market, lndigoVision’s management and lndigoVision as a company.

Supporting Testimonials:
“lndigoVision has used Enigma People as a recruiting partner since 2005 and since then, they have demonstrated strong professionalism, honesty, commitment and most importantly delivered excellent results across different business disciplines. Enigma People has consistently demonstrated their ability to understand Business Models and requirements quickly and source the right quality of people.This ability and their experience across Europe is why lndigoVision chose Enigma People to manage their European Sales Recruitment. Enigma People played a significant part in the expansion of our European sales team. As an executive search agent, Ben Hanley’s experience and professionalism has benefited our business. l have no doubt that lndigoVision will continue to make use of Enigma’s skills and experience as the company grows and expands.” – Carol Scambler – HR Director

“Whenever we have a project the first person I call is Ben Hanley of Enigma. He has worked in recruitment for years and apart from his experience in the field he’s also a sales guy so can promote our organisation to the right people in the UK and Europe. And he likes IndigoVision. There’s an element of caring there. We get the feeling that to him and his company we’re not just a commission.” – Jessica Adams – HR Executive 

lndigoVision’s European Sales Recruitment


Enigma People is an award winning technology recruitment consultancy. Visit our job search page for the latest vacancies in digital, electronics and software in Scotland.

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From Sydney to Scotland: Supporting a software start-up

Encompass Corporation is a market leading Visual Analytics Software firm serving financial and professional services. Following success in their first market, Australia and an ambition to grow, the company’s founders wished to expand internationally and set their sights on the UK, narrowing down to three preferred locations.

With the help of Scottish Enterprise and Enigma People Solutions, Encompass established their UK head office in Glasgow, bringing with them over 20 jobs for Scotland’s technology industry.

In order to make the move to Glasgow, Encompass needed to ensure they could establish and grow their team here, whilst competing with local software companies for local talent. Enigma People Solutions’ role was to provide a realistic appraisal of candidate availability and skills in the Scottish technology market, as well as our ability to identify and attract these. What excited us about working with Encompass was that although this was a fledgling company in the UK there was a good trading history, track record and most importantly a vision for the future. We were excited to support a young Fintech company looking to grow in Scotland’s technology industry, and felt it was a fantastic company to introduce our candidate market to.


Our consultants spent a great deal of time discussing Encompass’s needs, their immediate and long term plans for growth in the UK and their recruiting strategy.

One of the first things Encompass identified the need for, was a Sales and Marketing function in the UK. This prompted Head of Marketing, Alex Ford, to relocate from Sydney to Glasgow. With no network of contacts and a significant workload to devise the marketing function it was important for Alex to work with a recruitment supplier who could understand her needs, the culture of the team she was looking to build up and the selling points that would attract candidates to Encompass in Glasgow.

To support Alex, and Encompass’s initial marketing operations in the UK, we began recruiting for a Marketing Coordinator. The requirement was for someone who would be a cultural fit to the small “start up” feel the Glasgow office offered. Enigma People quickly qualified a broad range of marketing professionals from different industries and backgrounds rather than specific industry experience, and were delighted to introduce an ideal candidate whose previous experience lay in large organisations and who was now keen to be involved in the variety and freedom offered by the start-up feel in Encompass.

Within months the function grew and Encompass began recruiting for an experienced Marketing Manager. We spent a great deal of time consulting with Alex on this role and its requirements, which included financial services experience.

We researched the availability of candidates who had this experience and also searched for software technology experience. This enabled us to effectively map the current candidate market, the availability of experience and skills, and advise on a price point for candidates.

We fed this market information back to Encompass and discussed aligning the requirements and salary budget with realistic candidate/market expectations, enabling us to provide Encompass with a shortlist of relevant, experienced candidates.


By collaborating with our client to understand the options offered by the current candidate market, we were able to provide a realistic view of availability and help shape the expectations of what the new marketing manager competencies might look like. Upon interviewing, Alex identified a candidate with a great mix of industry experience across software technology and marketing who, would bring a great deal to the role as their new Marketing Manager.

The growing team at Encompass has been enjoying a number of recent successes with partnerships deals, award nominations for their technology, and a move to a bigger office in a prime Glasgow city centre location. This move means continuing to grow their team with more vacancies across development, sales and product management. As a preferred recruitment supplier, Enigma People Solutions are thrilled to be able to support Encompass Corporation’s growth ambitions, helping to expand their Glasgow team and contributing to their successes.


“Scot, Ben, David and the Enigma team have enabled us to hit the ground running in Glasgow.  Working in a start-up style environment, the vision is clear but the path can change and it’s always high speed – so you need partners who understand that business context. Enigma have reflected this understanding in the way they work with us and the candidates put forward. They are incredibly responsive and I regularly turn to them for insights about the market.”

Alex Ford – VP Marketing and Operations, Encompass.

Alex Ford and Enigma People Solution Director Ben Hanley at the Herald Scotland Digital Business Awards 2015.

Alex Ford and Enigma People Solutions’ Director Ben Hanley at the Herald Scotland Digital Business Awards 2015.

Encompass Software Enigma People Glasgow

Additional Links:


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“How I Found My Perfect Job” – Yard Digital’s latest hire

At Enigma People Solutions we pride ourselves on our selection skills. That means matching skills to job roles and personalities to company culture, always doing what’s best for both the clients and the candidates we work with. We have even joked our match making skills are up there with a certain Cupid.

So when we heard our candidate describe her new job as her perfect role, we were delighted to have been a part of the process.

Luckily, it seems that my leap of faith has landed me in my ideal environment – it’s more creative, more collaborative, faster-paced.”

Morven Mackinnon is the newest member of the team at Edinburgh’s Yard Digital. As their Client Relations Executive, Morven was recruited to help build relationships with new and existing clients. Yard was recruiting for a junior candidate skilled in business development/account management to assist their growing digital business. Their hiring manager is a long time friend of Enigma’s so we knew right away what type of candidate and personality would fit the team.

Candidate Manager Scot set out to find this perfect person. His search included speaking to and qualifying his extensive network of digital sales/ marketing and account management candidates. He first spoke to Morven after she had recently returned from New Zealand in search of a creative role which would utilised her best skill – working with people.

Scot knew right away that she was who the client would hire. Her passionate nature over their initial phone conversation convinced Scot she would do well in building and maintaining relationships with Yard’s clients. Her experience in creative marketing allowed her to fit Yard’s requirements and the nature of their business. Proving herself to be an ideal candidate, Morven went above and beyond at every stage of the recruitment processes, keeping in contact and showing her commitment, she gave Scot the utmost confidence to present her to his client.

Yard Digital, Morven and the team at Enigma were delighted at Morven’s success in securing the role. Although this is all in a days work at Enigma, it never fails to put a smile on our faces when we help those looking for a role they love, and help a business grow their teams. We are delighted to see that a few days at Yard were all it took for our candidate to become fully integrated in the team and really begin enjoying her new role. All the best Morven!

Once again, a big thank you to all at Enigma (and Scot in particular, who had to deal with all the phonecalls!) for helping me find my perfect job.”

Morven Mackinnon - Yard Digital

And now to grow some other teams….

We work exclusively with a number of growing and talented digital businesses in Scotland. To view our latest vacancies and apply online, visit our job search page now!

Additional Links:

My First Week As A Yardie – Client Relations Executive Morven

Digital Media Jobs in Scotland 

Candidate Testimonials – Hear how others found their ideal jobs.

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Strategic Recruitment For Glasgow’s Screenmedia

Screenmedia is one of Scotland’s most renowned Web and Digital Design Practices, celebrating 10 years in award winning innovation.

Enigma People Solutions began working with Screenmedia in 2012 when they were a team of 12. Since then, they have moved to bigger premises in 2014, having grown to a team of 20, and now, in 2015 have expanded these offices to accommodate their team of 30 developers and designers.

Throughout their steadfast growth, Enigma People have been a sole supplier for Screenmedia’s permanent vacancies. Having handled about 25 vacancies, 14 have resulted in successful placements where many of the candidates placed have become critical members of the team. Screenmedia’s objective throughout their recruitment processes has been to source highly talented, specialist candidates who understand Screenmedia’s unique culture and can contribute to the growing success of the company.

Our strategy
Screenmedia are unique in their culture and approach to teamwork and collaboration, working with a “daisy” model – as explained in the excerpt from their website:

“The petals of the daisy represent our multi-specialist teams. What started as one petal in 2004 has grown to four today.

Each lead team offers specialist expertise in strategy, planning, UX design and technology suited to producing mobile apps, responsive web, GUI design, e-commerce or rich-content solutions. In the centre of The Daisy is our team of producers, designers and developers. Whilst they work across multiple projects, they commonly attach to a specialist lead team as this deepens their specialism and improves continuity and economy for the client.”

Screenmedia work with a set of intrinsic beliefs which underpins everything they do, from best practice, mentorship and innovation to empathy, passion and having fun.

In order to recruit successfully for Screenmedia it has been imperative to source candidates who understand these beliefs, are willing to adopt them, and have shown evidence of doing so.

We approached Screenmedia’s recruitment with a marketing strategy, ensuring the consistent message of collaboration, individual growth, and company success. We selected candidates on the basis of cultural fit and talked candidates through The ‘Daisy’ model. The consultative element of our recruitment service meant we were able to guide Screenmedia on their future growth plans and direction for the business. We have placed a Technical Director and Technical Project Director and have continued to work closely with these key members of the senior team to guide the company’s strategic growth plans.

Challenges faced
Recruiting for digital talent in Scotland, and in the UK as a whole is extremely difficult for a number of reasons.

In Scotland in particular, the growth of the digital market can be attributed to the vast number of start ups in ‘tech hubs’ Glasgow and Edinburgh. Many of the talented developers Screenmedia are looking to hire are starting up their own digital agencies rather than joining other teams. This has perpetuated the existing lack of available talent with necessary skills. The market is suffering from a war for talent, where companies are fighting for very scarce specialist talent. When the UK recession hit, not enough companies were in a position to hire graduates 3-4 years ago. This has resulted in a vast under investment in Scottish talent. Not enough people were getting hired and so unable to gain the relevant industry experience that employers are now looking for. Today this demand has risen dramatically with UK Tech companies having grown at a rapid pace. The sector is now performing better than it has in decades; however has resulted in extremely tough competition with companies competing for talent on factors such as benefits and salaries.

Our solution
Enigma People director David Mains is a specialist in recruiting for Scotland’s digital market and worked very closely with the CEO, Technical Director, and Technical Project director to advise on business objectives, the rate of growth Screenmedia could achieve, and the importance of the business culture to new recruits. As a trusted recruitment partner, David spent a lot of his time offering his recruitment expertise, guidance, and utilising his network to source talent for Screenmedia.

Given the nature of the difficult market, it was evident that a more robust recruitment strategy would be required. Enigma People dedicated one candidate manager to work solely with Screenmedia. This meant that one individual learned their business and culture inside out in order to convey this to candidates sourced. She spent time at the client’s premises, promoted their company blogs to the candidate market, expertly profiled the developer marketplace and utilised an extensive network to source candidates who fit Screenmedia’s requirements. With each candidate successfully placed, it gave way to how the next vacancy should be filled and who should fill it.

In addition to this, Enigma People devised a direct application process for Screenmedia, in that we contacted selected candidates via email campaigns who could then apply directly to the client. Although this is an unusual recruitment process, the aim was to give candidates direct access to the client’s information and streamline the process so candidates had a positive application experience.

The results
Since working with Screenmedia, Enigma People have successfully sourced and placed 14 candidates, including senior members of team, the Technical Director and Technical Project Manager. The vacancies filled are across different business disciplines, having placed a developer, a producer, a technical director and an infrastructure manager all within the first 6 months of 2015. We have been responsible for placing almost 50% of their current staff, and actively working multiple vacancies, with plans for graduate recruitment in the pipeline.

Screenmedia have growth to become one of the most highly distinguished web and digital design practices in their market and have been recognized by a number of prestigious industry awards. Whilst working with Enigma People Solutions, Screenmedia’s team have received the headline award, “Digital Agency of the Year”, and a number of other category nominations from the Herald Scottish Digital Business Awards for the last 5 years, amongst other industry awards such as Scotland IS – Digital Technology Awards and The Webby Awards. Screenmedia and Enigma People have enjoyed a close, trusted, client recruiter relationship and have allowed Screenmedia to benefit immensely from a dedicated, tailored, and professional service.

Client testimonial

Colin Banks – Technical Projects Director

“Quite simply Enigma are one of our most valued partners. Their knowledge of the market and expert recruitment guidance has been invaluable in helping us grow and shape our organisation.

Their team take the time to understand not only our needs as a business but also those of our culture, of what defines us. They supply candidates that meet our skills needs but more crucially, are aligned to our core values.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

Looking to recruit digital talent in Scotland? We can help! Give us a call on 0141 332 4422 and speak to one of our Directors David Mains or Ben Hanley to discuss your options. 

Enigma Director David Mains Awards Screenmedia Digital Agency Award - The Herald Digital Business Awards

The Herald Scottish Digital Business Awards 2014
Winners -Screenmedia
Digital Agency of the Year

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Psymetrix / Alstom Group

Psymetrix is an Edinburgh based company who digitally track the flow of energy across the national grid, making energy more efficient. They first approached us as an 8 person company with a strong and experienced core team. Their ambition to grow combined with a number of placements we made with them, led them to be acquired by global electronics company Alstom Grid. The Alstom parent company already has an internal recruitment function but this had no penetration into the Scottish market and so struggled to find specialist key personnel. They were able to attract graduates and internal candidates but local talent with specific key skills to help build and lead the functions of the expanding team were a significant challenge for them to meet. Enigma People Solutions had worked with Psymetrix and shown an understanding of the skills required by the business. Alstom Group have retained the contract we held with Psymetrix to help source the next group of team leaders and senior technologists for the business, namely Head of Development, Head of Software Testing, Senior Java Developer, Senior Firmware Engineer in order for the business to continue growing.

Our strategy

Whilst these were essentially contingency recruitment assignments, search and selection actions were required in order to hone in on the specific key skills. We searched universe lists, target companies and application development environments that would most likely provide the right skills.

Challenges faced

The Head of Software Testing was a critical role. Up until recent years software testing was carried out by the development teams or off shored abroad, leading to a vast underinvestment in this skill in the UK. During the recession, many SME software houses that would have provided experienced testers were cutting costs and cancelled test teams. There were fewer development projects, businesses were downsizing and so there was little need for dedicated, separate testing teams. In addition to this, testers in Scotland typically come from large financial corporations, whose environments and applications were not a suitable training ground for the skills required by Psymetrix. The culmination of this and the current high demand for software testers means available individuals with the skills are few and far between which made this an extremely challenging role to fill.

Our solution

Persistence was essential to succeed. We conducted some deep research into the specific skills required and selected only eight companies across the central belt of Scotland that would have talent which matched the client’s requirements. Five individuals were identified as key people of interest and were discretely approached. Three were unavailable however two candidates were progressed through to interview and one was eventually selected and received an employment offer by the client.

Sadly, this offer was turned down by the candidate due to a counter offer which presented a greater opportunity. Knowing this is common in today’s market we returned to the initial three candidates who were unavailable during the first screening process. They were again discreetly approached and one was now open to having discussions regarding the role. Once introduced to the client, this individual also received an offer. This however was also turned down in favour of another role. Understanding the competitive nature of offers and counter offers, we continued our search. As it turned out one of the original candidates we had identified was now also available and was introduced to the client. This resulted in the candidate accepting the offer and successfully filing the head of software testing vacancy.

 What was successful/innovative about our solution

The client used three agencies to help fill this role and we were the only agency to present candidates that were of interest to the client. It is clear that the initial research and understanding of the vacancy and systems was key to success on this assignment. We identified the best talent for the role on three occasions, where each met the client’s needs and expectations and offers were made. Our tenacity, persistence and ability to keep the lines of communication open with unavailable candidates proved to be very valuable expertise in successfully filling the vacancy.

 The results

Given that we were in effect competing against the internal recruitment team, parent company Alstom’s internal employee transfer options and two other recruitment agencies, we are delighted to have placed three of the four key roles, Head of Development, Head of Software Testing, Senior Java Developer as well as a test engineer with the client.

This is testimony to our willingness to complete the job rather than just walk away when a quick win does not materialise. This effort to build the relationship with the client has led to Enigma being made sole supplier to Psymetrix in Scotland and we have been co-opted onto the Alstom Grid preferred supplier register along with only 2 other agencies. This effectively turns the Psymetrix account from what was expected to have 20 vacancies in 2014 to one that has from 120 to 150 permanent vacancies in 2014 throughout Psymetrix and its parent company Alstom Grid.

Supporting testimonial:

Lachlan Macpherson – Development Team Leader – Psymetrix Limited

“Due to the nature of our growing team, it is important to get the key positions right and build from there.

In my dealing with Enigma People Solutions, I have seen both sides of the business. They were instrumental in successfully placing me in my current role and also have been successful in providing me with opportunities that I have had open in my capacity as a recruiter. I can say that Ben and his team are always professional but friendly and approachable. They work hard to understand what it is you are looking for and, in the case of providing candidates, will only put forward the candidates that are suitable. They always focus on providing the right solution for both the candidate and the recruiter to ensure the best outcome.”

Looking to recruit technical talent? Give us a call on 0141 332 4422 or email Director Ben Hanley – and we would love to help!

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SKF Scotland’s Search for Engineers

SKF Condition Monitoring Centre (Livingston) Scotland is a world leader in handheld vibration data collection technology for condition monitoring, supplying the major Original Equipment Manufacturers in this market. The company designs, develops and manufactures mobile industrial computers and application specific data collectors/analysers in the noise and vibration measurement field. Their experience in designing to Intrinsically Safe (IS) requirements has given the company a market leading position in IS data collector design. In order to enhance their team, SKF had a requirement for a number of hardware engineers, hardware test technicians, and project managers. With there being so little of this talent available in the market they had to find a mix of permanent employees and contractors.

Our strategy

Enigma People Solutions worked a mixed strategy including vacancy advertising and extensive UK wide and international search. Our process was to throw out the search to cover most of northern and western Europe. We really had to work hard to search internet groups, job boards, and utilize our networking contacts across Europe to identify and attract relevant candidates to the roles.

Challenges faced

The electronics market in Scotland is experiencing a “war for talent” as we see more companies preparing for growth, therefore requiring a significant number of available talented engineers. From a recruitment perspective it’s clear that the industry faces a significant challenge in terms of shortage of talent. The past 15 years have seen a decline in Engineering in Scotland.

Perpetuating the problem is that with the decline, and more importantly the perception of decline, there has been a “brain drain”. Scots looking for work have moved away, and other nationals being educated in Scotland have moved away. Many of our clients have found that “available engineer” is a lot easier said than found and there is a real struggle to find the available talent.

Our solution

Our solution was to dedicate the time and focus required for such a broad set of searches to cover most of Northern and Western Europe. We were competing against other agencies to fill these vacancies and believe our success lay in going out internationally rather than concentrating on the scarce local talent. The difference was that we understood that the candidate market is now international, if not global. We previously sourced an English candidate who was working in Ireland, a Spanish candidate living in Dublin and a Hungarian candidate living in Sweden to fulfil highly specialist technical roles for SKF. Our experience tells us that we need to go further afield to find the talent that this industry requires.

The results

We identified eligible candidates from Russia, Romania, Scotland, England and Poland who submitted to interview stage for the various roles. By pulling in candidates from further afield we were able to satisfy our client demands.

Our extensive search capabilities resulted in successfully filling the hardware technician vacancy, one permanent project manager vacancy, and also a contract project manager vacancy, all from out with Scotland. SKF Condition Monitoring Centre’s recruitment drive in January 2014 therefore resulted in 60% of their agency hires being made by Enigma People Solutions.

Supporting testimonial:

Mark Sansom – Engineering Manager – SKF Condition Monitoring

“SKF Condition Monitoring in Livingston requires highly specialist hardware and electronic design experts to help us deliver key projects to clients.

Often these rare people need to be sourced from outside of the local market. We have found Enigma People Solutions to be adept at understanding our needs and presenting candidates that are of interest. In identifying candidates internationally from locations such as Sweden, Italy and Ireland Enigma People Solutions has demonstrated a capacity to reach candidates that are instrumental to our business that we would otherwise not know of. This has been of significant value to us and has enhanced our capability to deliver complex solutions to our international clients.”

SKF Scotland’s Search for Engineers

SKF Scotland’s Search for Engineers

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indie Semiconductor’s Expansion into Edinburgh

Californian based indie Semiconductor is a $10 million global company who selected Edinburgh as the ideal location to expand their design team. The fast growing company chose to join the rich and innovative technology community present in Scotland’s Capital city, with the ambition to build a centre of expertise for complex chip design that they, and Edinburgh, can be proud of.

What attracted indie to Edinburgh in particular, was the engineering capability of the talent here. They wanted to hire Scottish engineers who they felt would fit the innovative and self starting culture which the company can attribute its success to. Totalling a team of around 40 people when they first came to us, indie are going through an aggressive planning and growth phase between Scotland and California. In this they face two challenges: recruiting in a US market where the war for technology talent is further perpetuated by them being co-located with 2 of the world’s largest semiconductor companies, and also, in Scotland where their company brand was unheard of and therefore, difficult to attract local talent.

indie engaged Enigma People Solutions to carry out our recruitment marketing services, tap into our established networks, raise awareness of their brand in the market and help grow their team in Scotland and California. Working closely with both the CEO and the VP of Sales & Marketing, we enhanced the existing marketing strategy through a combination of content creation, social media marketing and market research, resulting in an overall increase in their employer branding and attractiveness to potential candidates. By promoting their brand via marketing channels in the US and the UK, and engaging with local industry partners such as Scotland IS and Talent Scotland, we were able to effectively ‘sell’ indie to the available talent pool and source potential candidates.

indie Semiconductor's Expansion into Edinburgh    indie Semiconductor's Expansion into Edinburgh

The senior management members of the team were keen to carry out in depth, exclusive interviews to allow potential candidates and the industry, insight into the company’s creation, their working culture and the technology expertise of their products. The consultative element of our service allowed indie access to our expert knowledge of the Scottish electronics market, key industry information and industry contacts, including local university contacts, trade bodies and technology hubs in the area. We acted as a close recruitment partner for indie, providing candidate sourcing and pre-screening of candidates that applied through a variety of channels including direct applications, through the indie website, advertised response, search and selection activities and word of mouth. We managed the interview process, arranged interviews and assisted with the management of the offer process for selected candidates.

The skill sets which indie are recruiting for are scarce in the market and in high demand across various industries. The combination of increased employer branding and our recruitment efforts resulted in over 30 applications direct to their (newly created) website in November 2014, only one month after we began with working indie. The ability to attract this number of candidates in a relatively short amount of time is rare for the electronics market in Scotland, where recruitment processes can take several months to go from candidate attraction to hiring.

So far, indie has added 10 new hires in 3 months across California and Scotland. They have doubled the size of the design team in Edinburgh in the past 4 months and will continue to grow. Candidates are attracted to indie from various channels and those interviewed have had the opportunity to meet with many of the design team in Edinburgh, as well as being introduced to senior technology team members in California for subsequent interviews.

The culture at indie is very much ‘making chips and having fun’. They are a forward thinking technology company who encourage their engineers to take ownership of the products, interact with customers directly and gain experience in multiple disciplines, giving them much more variety across the business than they would at larger semiconductor companies. As a company whose President & Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Technology Officer both obtained their Ph.D.’s from the world-renowned Caltech university in California, indie is an extremely exciting and innovative company to work for and it seems this has been recognised by the local technology community. Invest Edinburgh, in highlighting Edinburgh as a world influencer in science and technology, published an article on indie’s expansion into Scotland. Local students have recognised indie as an exciting opportunity where they can kick start their careers, with them having the most applicant interviews of any of the Edinburgh electronics companies during the recent Edinburgh University Industrial placement programme.

indie can now be highly regarded, as exciting new employers to work with in the electronics market in Scotland, and are clearly in demand by the talent here. The ongoing nature of the recruitment market service means whenever indie are ready to recruit again they have an existing credible presence in the market and can effectively attract top technology talent who are very aware of their brand and fit the unique company culture.

To speak to us about our recruitment marketing service call Ben Hanley for a chat on 07768174270.

Indie semi logo

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