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6 Reasons Why Candidates Should Work With a Recruitment Agency

With Tech Nation reporting that regional UK clusters attracted £4.5 billion+ in digital tech investment over 2016, it’s easy to understand why the UK tech landscape is growing at such a rapid pace. This growth and investment prompts a rise in both new and established companies looking to take on additional team members to facilitate their growth strategy. Stack Overflow highlighted that 30.9% of developers living in the UK and Ireland find new jobs through a recruitment agency. The data also went on to highlight the fact that tech workers change jobs more frequently than the national average which is around 5 years, with over half of the developers surveyed stating they had changed job in the past two years.

As the tech landscape continues to progress, it seems to us that finding the perfect job could be more difficult than before, unless you have your finger on the pulse of this ever-changing industry. This is where recruiters come in. We’ve laid out our top six benefits of working with a recruiter to find your dream role:

1.Market Information and Industry Knowledge

Recruiters can offer expert advice on the jobs market, trends and other knowledge a candidate wouldn’t necessarily know. They can give impartial advice on the roles they have available and the companies they are with, making it much easier for you to determine which roles you want to move forward with. Working within a niche industry allows recruiters to become highly skilled at identifying the right job for specific candidates, take a look at our interview with Ashleigh Collins, one of our electronics Recruitment Consultants to find out what she has to say about her role.

2. Salary Information

Recruiters understand what’s available in the marketplace for your skill set, what salary levels should be and can also advise that salaries advertised are not always necessarily what can be expected. This is an important factor when considering roles and when it comes to an offer, recruiters can negotiate salary and benefits on your behalf.

Having said that, it is important to understand that salary is not the ‘be all and end all’ when considering a new role and we advise that the whole package should be taken into account when making a final decision. Taking on a new role should be more than just about the salary; it’s an opportunity to progress in your career, work on exciting projects and really enjoy what you do – that’s why recruiters work so hard to find you the role they think will fit you best.

3. Streamlining CV’s & Cover Letters

Recruiters can expertly assess your CV and advise you on how to best sell yourself to your potential new employer. How to Woo a Recruiter with Your CV is your step by step guide to what works and how to get yourself noticed by recruiters and by the clients you wish to work with.

People often underestimate the importance of cover letters and Enigma People Solutions Director, David Mains, firmly believes that a good cover letter is the number one way to differentiate yourself. Check out Writing Your Cover Letter – The Essentials for our top advice.

4. Interview Tips and Techniques

Not sure how to conduct yourself at an interview or maybe your interview skills are a little rusty? A recruiter can help put you at ease and talk you through the interview techniques that will ensure you come across as professional and as confident as possible. Recruiters often know which hiring manager will be conducting the interview and are best placed to give you advice on how to impress. If you’re taking part in a technical interview, you can read our guide here which gives you our top tips on how to tackle them.

5. Unadvertised Vacancies

To put it quite simply; clients who advertise their vacancies through recruiters very often limit where else these vacancies are advertised, meaning that recruiters have exclusive access to roles you otherwise wouldn’t know of or be able to find easily. Recruiters can share an exclusive new role with you the moment they receive it, making the process for you much less stressful and cutting out a lot of time spent searching.

6. Match Making

Working with a recruiter will guarantee that you find the right job for you, they’re like the matchmakers of the job world. Finding your perfect match becomes a breeze, no more wasting your time searching high and low to make your dreams come true. Whether you are looking for a new permanent move or a contract; you can place your trust in professional capable hands and allow recruiters to match your skills, experiences and personality with your perfect role.

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