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5 Tips For Your First Day

Firstly, congratulations on securing your new role! Starting a new job can be a daunting experience, no matter how experienced you may be. So we asked our expert recruiters what their top 5 tips for your first day at a new job were:

  • Check In With Your Recruiter

Your recruiter is as happy as you are when you’re starting a new job so don’t forget all about them! Check in with them a few days before you’re due to start, they can put your mind at ease and help answer any outstanding questions you might have. Or drop them an email to let them know how your first day went. If you’re an Enigma candidate, send us a photo with your new Enigma office mug – which should arrive within the first couple days of you starting. 🙂

5 tips for your first day | every enigma candidate get's a mug


  • Plan Ahead

How will you travel to your place of work? How do you access the car park? Who are you to report to when you arrive? What will you wear? Have you prepared any necessary documents?

Ensure your first day goes as smooth as possible by having these key things prepared the night before.


  • Have The Right Attitude

It’s natural to feel some degree of nervousness on your first day but having a positive and professional attitude will help you go a long way. You will meet a lot of new faces and it’s ok if you don’t remember all of them right away. Just remember to relax, be enthusiastic and friendly.

You will most likely have a lot of information thrown at you so remember to listen very carefully and take loads of notes (with that notepad and pen you were prepared enough to pack the night before).


  • Don’t Be Scared To Ask For Help

Ask as many questions as you want, even if you think it’s a stupid question – just ask! There may not be such an obvious answer. You will be forgiven for asking “silly” question’s on your first day – your boss would rather you ask on day 1 than ask 3 months into the role!


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  • Have Fun!

This is the first day of your new adventure and it should be an enjoyable experience so try and relax. You have been hired over all other applicants for your skills and talents, but also for your personality, so always let that shine through!

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Do you have any other first day tips that you swear by? Let us know by tweeting @enigmapeople!

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