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5 Resolutions You Need To Make For Your Career In 2017

We hope all of our readers had a fantastic holiday season and now, having recovered from the food and the parties, are ready to focus on the year ahead! There’s still time to fine tune your New Years Resolutions and while we can’t help you with all of yours, we do have a few ideas to keep your career in check this year.

5 Resolutions You Need To Make For Your Career In 2016

Be more social – If somehow you still haven’t made it onto social media, do it now! It is so much more than celebrity gossip and memes, it’s a vital tool for business and getting yourself noticed. For those who already have it, make sure you’re engaging in discussions and constantly updating your profiles. There are websites that tell you who your inactive followers are so that you can choose to unfollow them – don’t be on that list!

Check, check and check again – Look over your CV. Now look over it again and you’ll notice that you spelled ‘education’ wrong. Ask a friend or family member to have a look over it; you’d be surprised how helpful a fresh pair of eyes can be. Take a look at our Enigma Guide To Writing Your CV for more tips! If you have a LinkedIn profile, consistency is key. Ensure the information on your profile matches up to the information on the CV, incorrect or mismatching information can get confusing and make you look less than professional.

Learn on the job – If you want to progress in your career, identify where you want to go and how to get there! If its training you need, ask your employer about relevant training and workshops in your field. Do your research and tell them what you need to progress. Ask your colleagues or networks about part time courses, local meetups or conferences that they know of. Join local b2b networking groups (such as Thrive for Business) to meet new people in your sector. If you want to improve your technical skills, Codecademy offer free online courses in programming. Google Analytics Academy also offers free, online courses on Google Analytics and other data analysis tools.

Get promoted –  Already in a job you love but feel you’ve exhausted your potential at that level? Create a list of your skills and achievements and make sure your management know about them. Suggest ways to improve the company and sell yourself as a leader, well liked and an expert in your field.

Manage your time – Social media is an amazing tool for business, but boy can it make your day disappear once it pulls you in. A 10 minute catch up on Twitter can easily turn into an hour of link clicking, conversation making and TwitPiccing. Allocate your time appropriately, allowing time to update your feeds and catch up on any can’t-miss reads while still being able to focus on your other tasks. Still Struggling? There are dozens of apps available to help you manage your time better and be more productive – here are 15 of the top ones according to Life Hack.


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